Gift or Sell?

How do you decide which level of product or service to offer when you’re speaking from the stage or teleseminar?

In other words, when should you offer a free gift OR an entry-level item, such as a $197 product, OR that high-ticket item worth $3,000, $5,000, or $10,000?

When to Give, Give, Give.
When you are speaking live or on a teleseminar and you don’t have much time or if you’ve been told you’re not allowed to sell, then you want to just give a gift, such as through a drawing, and collect leads.

Giving gifts is a great way to build your list, and then you can promote to people on your own terms.

The minus is you’re putting extra steps into the sales process so it’s not a one-call close.

Still, drawings are great because everybody’s a winner. They put their name and email in a fish bowl, and then everybody gets your free report, video or ezine, and one person wins the big prize, which is one of your products.

Plus, you get to describe the prize before you give it. They have to know what it is, right? So, in essence, you give yourself the chance to do a free commercial, but it doesn’t feel like one because it’s very natural that you would need to tell them what they could win.

When to Get Them Going with a low-ticket investment.
You want to offer your entry-level product or teleseminar when your audience is not highly invested—they came to the event or call for free—and when you have the personal goal to build your list and provide high value to a lot of people rather than just a few.

The plus of that is you’re likely going to get a bigger rush to the back of the room. You’re going to serve more people. And it’s exciting. It’s also a great way to test a new product or service.

The minus is that, because it’s a lower investment, sometimes clients aren’t as committed. They may not take the work as seriously as when they’ve made a significant investment.

When to Go For It with a high-ticket offer.
Go straight to the high-ticket item only when all of the following conditions are met:

1. You are speaking from a live stage (not a teleseminar), and I have plenty of time to develop my offer during my talk—75 to 90 minutes at least.

2. You know that the audience is your tribe. They are your ideal clients.

3. They’re highly invested in being there. Ideally they’re invested with money—they paid something to be there—but at the least, they invested their time and traveled to get there.

The plus with the high-ticket offer is that you’ll make big money and gain awesome clients.

The minus is, it’s all or nothing.

So, out a 100-person audience, you might get six clients investing $5,000 for an amazing $30,000 day — or you might come home with no sales at all.

So consider carefully before going for it with only a high-ticket offer.


Excerpted from Lisa Sasevich’s Invisible Close Newsletter

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