Get Social Media To Work Hard For Your Business

For the longest time, I view social media such as Facebook and Twitter as huge time-suck, so I held back from engaging my audience through these venues. I started increasing my presence in social media – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other forums during the past month – and my list grew 30% in 2 weeks!

Engaging in social media productively and effectively is definitely very important (and willpower too, so you don’t get into spending 2 hours finding what your high school sweet heart is up to!) – it is a great way to elevate your expert status, and to engage and connect with your audience on a consistent basis for more visibility and trust.

Well, I am only a few months into the world, and just scratching the surface. But I am intrigued. I want to share with you the Sculpted Social Media training program by Natalie Sisson in which you will get the basics, learn the ins and outs of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, plus how to measure your response to refine your effort.

Sound good? Check it out.

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