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Earn 40% Commission On Sales Generated From Your “Party” ::
Invite Your Friends and Colleagues To Discover Slideberry

If you like our Done-For-You materials and want to introduce these time-and-effort-saving tools and resources to your friends, colleagues and referral partners in the health and wellness business – now you can share these awesome products while earning a juicy 40% affiliate commission!

Host a Slideberry Product Party!

I will set up all the logistics for you. I will work with you to select products that will be most attractive to your peeps. All you need to do is to share the sign up link with your peeps and attend the “party” on the phone. I will even send out a series of follow up emails to them with your affiliate links included.

During the call, I will introduce slideberry’s done-for-you materials, and share with your peeps tips and strategies on how to use these handy resources to grow their health and wellness businesses so they can get more income, leverage and freedom. Afterwards, there will be a brief Q&A session to get all their questions answered so they feel confident about purchasing the products.

After the call, I will send out an email follow up sequence to make sure your peeps get your recommendations and the affiliate links (and I will sweeten the pot with a coupon code unique to your party, which means even if they don’t use the affiliate links, the sale will be credited to you). And like magic, you will get paid 40% commission from their purchases!!

Here is the math:

Let’s say an average customer spends $200 per order (most of our discount bundles are over $200). 40% of $200 is $80. Let’s assume you get 15 of your friends, colleagues and referral partners to sign up and 10 of them buy something. 10x$80 = $800. Tell me if that’s not some awesome stupid money!


Want to learn more and host your Slideberry Product House Party? Email and let’s talk!

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