Get Out There Make It Big Success Circle

Building a solo holistic wellness practice can often be a lonely thing… and figuring it all out on your own is sometimes just no fun – not to mention silly having to reinvent the wheel for every single thing!

Would you much rather:

  • Have access to a marketing consultant/business and mindset coach (that is, yours truly) who is there to answer questions of all shapes and sizes all the time? There is no question too small for a Facebook post – you don’t have to wait for the “next session” with your coach! Get your itch scratched, pronto!
  • Be able to access a library of “success audio” and resources that will not just get your creative juice flowing and give you the “how-to” to propel your business forward, but also help you upgrade your mindset so that you are ready for success?
    (* a little side note – I am working with two coaches simultaneously right now, so anything awesome cool stuff that I learn, you will hear about them!)
  • Have a forum to share your experience and be a sounding board to brainstorm and bounce off ideas? Learning from others is a wonderful way to grow.
  • Be part of a business and marketing idea-exchange group? It’s like having a bunch of people out there testing ideas, report back, share results, and boom, you don’t have to go through all the growing pain yourself! (The geek word “rapid prototyping” popped into my mind)
  • Be supported by a group of like-minded holistic wellness practitioners who are there to watch your back and cheer you along? Who knows, maybe you will find a business partner, or develop a juicy joint venture!

This group is for you if you:

  • Are just starting out and trying to make sense of everything that you are supposed to be doing, feeling overwhelmed, and want to learn from other fellow practitioners’ experience what works what doesn’t. You are hungry for information, guidance and support.
  • Have been running a part-time practice for while, and decided to dive in and make it full-time. Now you need to get serious about setting up your business and doing marketing… you wonder, where to begin, and how does everything fit into your existing structure?
  • Have been practicing full-time for a while, business is good but you know if you don’t up the ante on your marketing and your digital presence, you are going to fall behind. You know you don’t need to do everything, but you want to know the pros and cons of the strategies and tactics out there, so that you don’t run around in circles.

Interested? Getting in is as simple as clicking your mouse a few times.

Plus, once you sign up, you will gain instant access to the “discovery session agenda” – my “secret sauce” guide to leading an initial consultation so your potential clients will talk themselves into working with you.

  • Click the “Subscribe” button below – you will be taken to a check out page where you will be subscribed to the Success Circle Membership. Your membership will be deducted each month without you ever lifting a finger again.
  • When payment is processed successfully, you will be taken to a thank you page where you will find a link to the Closed Facebook Group – where the majority of our exchanges and discussions will take place.
  • Follow the link to the Facebook Group, and “Ask to Join Group”.
  • Within 24 – 48 hours of putting in the request, you should be able to access the Facebook group and get cracking!

What folks are saying…

What to test-drive?

For a limited time only, I am offering a test-drive discount of $1 for your first month (I like some skin in the game). After that, a monthly membership due of $15 will be automatically deducted from your choice of payment method – easy breezy!



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