Get Out of the Rut – What’s In Your “Survival ToolBox”?

Getting into a rut or feeling stuck is par for the course when you run you own business.

Sometimes these moments, feelings and emotions are great hints on what you need to work on, what you areas of improvement can be.

Embrace them, see what you can learn from the experience, but also take action to get inspired, “dig” yourself out and take action.

Creating a survival toolbox is a great way to make available to yourself the things you need to snap you back in gear. This is one of my first assignments when I started working with my own biz coach.

Here is what’s in my toolbox – use them as a guide, and build your own that truly reflect your needs, your goals and who you are:

“Smack Me In The Head” Statements

This takes a bit of self-awareness… what are your triggers? Ask the right question, and you will “wake up”.

Here is one of mine: “Am I feeling crappy because of the need for validation and acknowledgement? What can I do so this validation is not dependent on others?”

Value Thermometer

Create a list of your values, and next to each, list 1-2 actions that you can take, either in your personal life or in your business, that can help you live up to those values when you feel that you are not. Misalignment breeds crappy-ness.

Support System

List the people you can reach out to for support. Ask:

Who can I share my problems, feelings and emotions with – without excuses, going into the blame game, or getting into the victim mentality?

Who can I turn to, to acknowledge my emotions and help me take action to get back into the driver’s seat?

Read Testimonials

Put all the glowing testimonials in your email folder. Whip out a few of these when you feel yucky – this little pat on the back will lighten you up.

Feeling of Success

Write down what “success” feels to you.

Ask: “What can I do RIGHT NOW to generate these feelings and emotions?”

Meaning of Success

Write down what success means to you. It may be having time for to take care of your health and be with your family, not having a 6-figure business that takes you away from what you value more.

Particularly helpful when you fall into the comparison trap.

What is in your survival toolbox? Share your secret weapons in the comments below!

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