How To Get a Never-Ending Flow Of Clients – Year After Year

Here is a simple formula for getting more clients (particularly high-end private coaching clients):

More Discovery Sessions/Enrollment Conversations = More Clients

A great way to grow your list and invite potential clients to enter an enrollment conversation with you is through some kind of presentation during which you share valuable content – e.g. in-person workshop, teleseminar or webinar.

Here is a “Lather, Rinse and Repeat” way to set yourself up for an on-going stream of potential clients who want to talk to you:

  1. Layout a marketing calendar for a full year – January through December
  2. Identify 4 months (once every quarter) – ideally evenly distributed – that you want to host an “event” such as in-person workshop, teleseminar or webinar to promote your coaching program. I find quarterly to be a good interval because you will get 4 chances to reach out to your potential clients, and leave enough space in-between for other promotional efforts, e.g. launching a product or program. If your business is heavily focused on private programs, you can increase the frequency by hosting such “event” every other month, or even monthly.
  3. Map out the topics you want to cover – brainstorm some “gateway” problems that will capture your ideal clients’ attention. You want to have a good variety (but still relevant to your niche and reflect your expertise) so you can capture more people who have different focus or ways of perceiving what they want.
  4. Add the seasonality factor – which topic is most relevant for those months? E.g. “detox” for spring, weight loss for summer, “healthy holidays” for fall and “cold and flu season” for winter. Tip: besides selecting a timely topic, you also want to POSITION the content so it is perceived by your target market as RELEVANT.
  5. Now you have a calendar you can tweak and repeat year after year! After you have done the work during the first year, you will not only have the process down pat, but also the content prepared. Auto-pilot!!


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