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This is old news, but I still see many people not doing it so I have to say it again, again and again.

Just having a little box that whispers, “sign up for our newsletter” somewhere below the fold is not going to do you much. Who wants to get one more thing to jam up their already overflowing inbox?

To build a quality list,

your free gift needs to be relevant to your target market.

I can go all day on list building and email marketing. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. For your free gift, pick a “gateway” problem that your target market knows they need a solution for, and you can whip up the content in a few hours. This should be a topic you can provide simple, actionable, and result-producing solution on, without giving away the farm.
  2. This free gift is probably the first contact you have with your potential clients, so besides the content, you want to introduce yourself. Include a page where you share your story to connect with your readers personally and emotionally, and tell them how your products and services can benefit them.
  3. Don’t forget to tell your readers what to do next by including a next step. It could be a program that will help them take what they have learned in the free gift to the next level, a product that relates to the topic of the free gift, or maybe it’s just as simple as contacting you for a discovery session to see how you can serve them.
  4. Give your free gift a benefit-oriented, attention-grabbing title. Create a callout graphic to draw attention to the eye, and place it, together with the sign up box, in a prominent position on your website. Your sign up should be a persistent element – i.e. it appears on all pages of your website – so the top of your sidebar, or the top right of your masthead, are ideal positions.

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