Get $h*t Done Day :: Virtual Workshop Series

one month 1You know, those “Important But Not Urgent” projects that have been hanging out on your To-Do List like some stubborn belly fat that just doesn’t want to disappear?

And just like those stubborn belly fat, these unfinished (or not even started) projects can trigger the feeling of shame, guilt, inadequacy… not the feelings we want when you are building your thriving coaching business.

These loose ends on your To-Do List are huge energy sucks that not only drains you mentally, but also emotionally and energetically. How can you be your best if you have these little gremlins hanging around?

Are you ready to knock them out of the way?

As a project manager turned health and biz coach, I have over 10 years of butt-kicking power under my belt to make sure my clients get $h*t done.

It’s not about handing them a load of “stuff” and say “good luck with that”. I show them the smart sequence of action and the shortest path to “DONE”, the critical pieces to focus on to zap “busy work”, and the tools and resources for speedy implementation with minimum confusion.

excuse free zone

Now, for the first time, you don’t have to be my coaching client (although I would love to have you!) to take advantage of my project planning and butt-kicking super-power – with focused and smart strategies, plus no-B.S. attitude stirred in for good measures.

I will help you to get those nagging “Important But Not Urgent” projects DONE – IN A DAY!! And here is how: I have selected the most “procrastinated-upon” topics to create a series of Get $h*t Done Days to help you, errr, get $h*t done.

In this series of “Roll Up Our Sleeves” sessions, you will have the unique opportunity to gain access to my brain for as low as $15 per hour. Which, btw, is ridiculous. My private clients pay a lot more just to get me out of bed.

Get $h*t Done Day Schedule

CompletionLive group phone coaching/working sessions are held on Wednesdays from 1pm – 5pm Pacific Time (4pm – 8pm Eastern) – perfect inspiration and motivation to get over “hump day”!

Besides live coaching sessions and Facebook Group support, you will also get worksheets, checklists and done-for-you templates so you can quickly and easily implement the action items right away!

* Dates listed are tentative and are subject to change (as life with two lil’ kids is unpredictable and chaotic)

April 16, 2014: Your Signature System and Sales FUNnel In a Day

Boost your expert status, charge higher fees and get more clients with a signature system and strategic sales funnel!

  • Bang out your signature system so you can clearly and confidently communicate your unique offerings in a way that they will sign up for your program (it will also boost your credibility and expert status!)
  • Create your coaching-specific sales funnel based on your vision, your passion and your market so you know exactly what programs and products to design and launch
  • Supercharge your sales funnel with your signature system so you have a suite of marketable offerings that is uniquely yours

June 18, 2014: Revamp Your Program and Name Your Price

Now you have a siggy system and a sales funnel, let’s make your program juicier so your clients will happily pay you more for your services. See how you can confidently name your price – and get it!

  • “Reverse engineer” your program for maximum conversion
  • Design the structure and position the features to increase program value
  • Structure your payment plan options to increase client commitment so they “stick with it” and get results (and you get glowing testimonials and referrals)
  • Bonus content: The secrets to naming your fee and get it.

August 20, 2014: Your Signature Talk In a Day

With an awesome program in your pocket, now it’s time to get out there and enroll some clients!

  • Identify your goals and titles for your talk
  • Create outline for your talk with the must-have elements for maximum engagement and conversation
  • See how you can provide valuable information without giving away the farm (the bikini principle)
  • Map out promotional strategies for your talk so you can get out there – increase your visibility, boost your expert status, grow your list and get more clients!

October 15, 2014: Design Your Information Product In a Day

Armed with your signature talk, you can immediately boost your income with “back of the room” sales. Plus, adding info products can round out your sales funnel so clients can engage you at different price points while giving you an additional stream of passive income! (People who have bought from you are 40% more likely to buy again!)

  • Identify and position your topic so it is attractive to your target market
  • Gather and compile content without having to reinvent the wheel
  • Structure and price your info product to meet your business’s needs
  • Walk away with a game plan for creating your info product in a weekend

December 17, 2014: Wild Card! And you won’t be disappointed ☺

I am pretty darn sure “stuff” will come up during our working sessions and I want to make sure we wrap up the year knowing that you are in a good place with no loose ends. The focus of this session will be announced as we have more clarity on what will be most beneficial for the series’ participants.


How Do the Sessions Work?

ActionIf appropriate to the topic, you will receive prep-work assignment a few days prior to the session.

Each session is divided into 3 to 4 segments. At the beginning of each segment, we will gather as a group on the conference line and I will show you the specific steps to work on for the next 30 – 45 minutes. I will give you the necessary content, step-by-step instruction, checklists, templates, recommendations and resource suggestions so you can hit the ground running.

After we hang up, we will roll up our sleeves, buckle down and do the work. And you are not on your own! I will be hanging out in our private Facebok Group to give you real time support and answer any question you have so you can keep plugging along. “I am stuck!” won’t be an excuse anymore.

We will conclude each session by once again gathering on the phone. We will share our success and of course have any lingering questions answered.


I Want IN? How Do I Join?

I want to make this a flexible commitment for you, so you can pick the topics that are right for you. There are three levels of investments to suit your needs:

  • If you are a bit commitment-phobia, or you just want to check me out, I am cool with that.
    ** Get an INDIVIDUAL SESSION PASS for JUST $87 **
    You get me to hold your hand and Get $h*t Done. You will get a one-time admission to the private Facebook group from the time you sign up till one week post-session so you can all the support you need to “wrap things up (after which you will get kicked out.) Within 1 week of your session, if you dig it and want to “upgrade” to the 4-session or 7-session pass, just let me know and I will hook you up.
  • If you see a few of these topics you scream YES! to, yet not sure if you are ready to commit all 7 Wednesday afternoons out of the entire year to hang out with me – I get it!
    ** Get a 4-SESSION PASS for JUST $257 – you SAVE $91!! **
    Upon sign up, you will receive a coupon code to hook yourself up for the sessions of your choice. As a “member”, you will also get permanent residence on the private FB group (for as long as you have unredeemed passes).
  • If you know you really want to rock 2014, if you know taking focused action is the fastest path to success, if you are ready to commit to your biz and roll up your sleeves to make it happen – I am ready when you are!
    ** Get a 7-SESSION PASS for JUST $427 – you SAVE $182!!  **
    Upon sign up, you will receive a coupon code to hook yourself up for the sessions of your choice (if you miss one in 2014, you can apply it to any 2015 session). As a “premium member”, you will get permanent residence on the private FB group (for as long as you have unredeemed passes) AND email access to yours truly within a week of a session to ask any topic-related question (at reasonable length and scope, of course – I know you will be reasonable). I will also throw in “surprise bonuses” that will help you save time and effort!

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 1.52.38 PM


I want to get $h*t DONE, but I can’t attend the entire session…

No worries! 4 hours is a big chunk of time and we all have different schedules (and time zones!)

After the Live session, you will get download links for the recordings of the coaching/Q&A portion. I recommend that you commit to blocking out a 3-4-hour “session”, or a few 1-hour segments of time, during the week following the live session to listen to the audio, follow the instruction and complete the work. You will have access to the Facebook group for questions, support and accountability if you take action right away. To make sure you complete the project and get results, I will be there to answer questions and provide feedback during that time period.


“Yes, I want to design my SIGNATURE SYSTEM done and SALES FUNNEL so I know exactly what to offer to maximize profit!

With the instruction, templates and worksheets, plus the personal support and guidance from Ling, I will:

  • Bang out my signature system so I can clearly and confidently communicate my unique offerings in a way that they will sign up for my program (it will also boost your credibility and expert status!)
  • Create my coaching-specific sales funnel based on my vision, passion and market so I know exactly what programs and products to design and launch
  • Supercharge my sales funnel with my signature system so I have a suite of marketable offerings that is uniquely mine


Awesome! Pick Your Poison…


After your purchase, you will receive a download link with information to join the Facebook Group. You will also be added to the December group notification email list.

If you purchase the 4- or 7-session pass, you will be automatically added to the December group notification email list. You will also get a personal email from yours truly with a coupon code you can use to sign up for subsequent sessions.

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