*THIS* Could Get You All the Clients You Want

A little mindset trick:


So often we say we want something, yet our subconscious mind is fighting tooth and nail to keep us from having it. Clients, money, love, success, fulfillment…

What do you have to let go of so that you can have “it”? Limiting beliefs, old identity, caveman-like fear, strait jacket from the past.

What are you afraid that will happen if you finally get “it”? Are you going to lose something you are clinging on for dear life, because you haven’t seen what’s possible? And, is that true? Is that 100% true?

If you whole self is not fully on board, when you encounter the first “no”, the first hurdle, the first belly flop – somewhere deep down a voice shouts “I Told You So!” And you throw in the towel. You close up. You no longer see the three opportunities that is  lurking just behind that one “no”.

You put yourself back in the box.

Open up to opportunities. In fact, indulge yourself and go CREATE them.

Be clear about your goals, but don’t fixate on how it will happen – let the universe do the magic.


Ok, let’s bring you down from the cloud…

Example one: you had a discovery session with a potential client and turned out it’s not the right time for her to work with you. Scenario 1: that voice shouted “see, you can’t make this business work!”, you shut down, you decided that this conversation is a dead end, and you hang up the phone. Scenario 2: you are open to possibilities, and you are not attached to results. You are curious to explore and found out that she has 3 friends who may be very interested in your programs, and because you asked, she is willing to make an introduction.

Example two: you walked into a wellness center and talk to them about providing wellness coaching to their clients. They were unable to take you on because they already have an in-house nutritionist. Scenario 1: because you are fixated on how this partnership has to take form, you take the “no” as a “no” and leave, never to think about this place again. Scenario 2: you are willing to see the opportunities around the corner and continue the conversation to discover the scope of the nutritionist’s work and propose to hold a workshop series on a topic that does not conflict with the nutritionist’s services.

It can go either way for you.

You have the CHOICE to allow yourself to have it, or to put yourself back into the strait jacket.

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