Get $30 Store Credit For DONE-FOR-YOU Programs, Presentations, Articles & More!

TIME SENSITIVE :: Offer Goes POOF! on 9/12/2013!

Sneaky Peak: Slideberry is about to launch a comprehensive affiliate program. And I want to make it GOOD, real good. Better that the goodest. As part of the support, affiliates will have access to a collection of testimonials to use in their promotions.

If you have purchased any of slideberry’s Done-For-You materials, we want to hear from you! Just by sharing your experience, you will get a $30 coupon to use on any of our Done-For-You materials.

** If you have not, read on, because I will tell you how you can get this perk! **

Once your testimonial is selected, besides the $30 store credit, you (and a link back to your website) may also be featured by affiliates who decide to add this awesome revenue stream to their biz.

What To Do

Submit your entry by Thursday 9/12/2013: Send an email to, subject line “Testimonial Contest”. If your entry is selected, you will hear back from us by 9/19.

I want to give our affiliates solid content to work with, so I am going to ask for a bit more than “slideberry makes good stuff” kind of write-up. Here is what to include (you don’t have to hit every single point, but the more comprehensive you are, the better chance you get selected):

  • The product(s) you have purchased.
  • How you integrated the materials into your biz.
  • How have these products helped you grow your biz (e.g. a program to offer as “back of the room” sales, a free gift to grow your list, a presentation to run a workshop to attract more clients, a program to round out your sales funnel; less time spent on content creation, more time to find and work with clients)
  • Share some numbers (e.g. revenue, people added to your list etc.)
  • How have these products impacted your life (e.g. less stress and time spent on writing, more time and energy to spend with family)
  • The level of ease and convenience of integrating the materials into your biz.
  • URL(s) to show us the product(s) in action.
  • Additional comments welcome!

Please also include any information about yourself you want to share: e.g. your full name, title, business name, location, business URL, and your photo. They will be featured alongside your testimonial.

Submit your entry by Thursday 9/12/2013

Send an email to, subject line “Testimonial Contest”.

Want IN but haven’t purchased anything?

Maybe you are new to slideberrry, maybe you have been sitting on the fence. Today is your lucky day!
Here is what to do:

  1. Make a purchase of $30 or more on any DONE-FOR-YOU materials or Integrated Revenue Systems ASAP. (Yes, the Brand NEW Client Generation System counts too!)
  2. Forward your receipt, along with your testimonial to by Thursday 9/12/2013.
  3. If your entry is selected, $30 will be credited back to your purchase – Easy Peasy.


By submitting your testimonial, you agree that upon selection and receipt of coupon, slideberry and its affiliates can use any and all of the content on their promotional materials (including but not limited to website, social media posts, brochure, email communications etc.) Thank you!

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