How To Generate a Constant Stream Of Coaching Clients

For most coaching businesses, 1:1 private coaching programs, VIP days or small group coaching programs generate a majority of the revenue.

Conducting a Discovery Session (also called strategy session, breakthrough session, enrollment conversation…) with a potential client is the most common and effective way to fill coaching programs.

Don’t assume people know you have programs to offer! Unless you spell it out, your peeps may not know that they can actually buy from you. They love your articles, newsletters and tweets, but they may not know how they can engage your services.

Sitting around toiling your thumbs hoping people will know about your programs and ask you for a conversation is definitely not the fastest path to more clients. Stop leaving it up to chance. Take charge of filling your calendar with Discovery Sessions by actively promoting them.

1. Discovery Session Campaigns

If you have a marketing calendar (and you should… if you don’t have one, get this kit), you can consider scheduling in “Discovery Session Campaigns” every 2-3 months to promote your coaching work.

For each campaign, select a certain theme relevant to your target market and create content around the theme. You can come up with a few topics (some of which can be seasonal) and rotate them throughout the year so you don’t have to come up with something new every time.

Having different themes allows you to capture potential clients in your target market who may have slightly different focus or are receptive to different messages.

  • Craft a series of 2-3 emails to send to your list, with a call-to-action to sign up for a discovery session so you can help them explore a solution for that particular topic you just wrote about.
  • Do a teleseminar or webinar on that particular topic, with call-to-action at the end of the presentation to schedule a discovery session and then send out 2-3 follow up emails. You can even post the recording later on as a freebie on your website and include an invitation to a discovery session as part of the download. (here is an example)

You want to be regular and disciplined about doing these campaigns to stay top of mind. If you scramble to run a campaign when you client load dries up, it’s too late.

2. “Evergreen” Promotion

You can include an invitation to a discovery session in other offers that people will sign up for or purchase any time.

  • Include an invitation in the free gift people get when they sign up for your list.
  • Include an invitation in the autoresponder people get after signing up for your free gift. You can set up 2-3 follow up emails with extra follow-up tips and valuable content over the course of a week or two, with a call-to-action in each email.
  • Include an invitation as part of the information product people purchase from your website.
  • Include an invitation on your website’s program page, or create a separate page specifically to invite potential clients for a conversation (here is an example)


Bonus tip – ask your potential clients who want to schedule a session to answer a few questions before you set up time. You will be able to get a better sense of who you are talking to and how you can help them, you will also screen out tire-kickers who are just looking for free consultations. You can take a look at my discovery session invitation page, and model the questions at the bottom. (and, if you dig what I am sayin’, email me to schedule one!)

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