From Freaked Out to Focus and Inspired Action

February was an awesome month for Slideberry – more folks were reaching out to me regarding coaching programs and consulting services, Done-For-You Home Study Program series was launched, mailing list went through another growth spurt, Done-For-You materials were flying off the shelves, and I just got so jazzed researching and writing up blog posts for the Awesome Tips section.

I know, in my gut, that Slideberry is going to be a purposeful venture for me to connect with my peers in the coaching world and make a big impact by helping them grow their businesses into vehicles that allow them to live their lives’ dream and purpose. I know, from a business and operation perspective, there is a ton to do to build a solid and scalable foundation so that Slideberry can grow.

Around the end of February, I drew up this list of projects that needs to happen to scale up Slideberry – changes in business structure, changes in pricing structure, changes in business model, and yes, migrating my list to a newsletter service provider!! (Slideberry started out as a really cozy group, and it grew faster than I expected! Just so you know, I still TYPE (not cut and paste) the note for every delivery that goes out – this really makes me feel connected to my tribe.)

Anyway, came early March, my nanny to my 2.5-year-old son gave us a week’s notice and quit her position with us. (She got a gig 5-minute walk from her house, not because we are mean people!!) I got into freak-out mode – my workweek hours suddenly got cut in half! I have to re-juggle some of the existing appointments and group classes! I just started talking to a wellness corporation with which I will potentially work with and run weight-management programs at local clinics! I just got approval to do CEU trainings for members of the Doula Association of Southern California! I have all these grand plans and new product ideas for Slideberry!

How am I going to fit these all in, on top of having a bun in the oven and suffering from plain exhaustion and perpetual mommy-brain? After taking out my morning yoga practice (which I don’t compromise), I tally up the hours that I have actually available to do work during a week. 4 hours for the two days my son is in pre-school, 2 hours maximum for days when I have him (nap time!) and maybe an hour during the weekend. Gasp! 16 hours a week (divided between two businesses) if I am really lucky, and knowing full well that I am not going to be productive all that time.

Deep breath – I realize that one of the things that I am good at is helping my clients prioritize so that they can build a business by working smart and planning out tasks that can help move the needle most for their businesses! In the Kick Your Butt Program I help folks who are juggling a full-time job, a family and other responsibilities to prioritize and strategize so that they can take meaningful actions with the time they have available and build their businesses. DUH!

So I reviewed my long list of tasks, and wrote down those that will move the needle the most. What is also important is that when I am doing my work, I need to feel inspired and purposeful – I did not leave my 6-figure, 40-hour work week job (which is really forgiving in the NYC agency world) for creating another J.O.B. for myself!! So with those two criteria, I would look at the list of high-priority tasks every time I sit down to do work, and check in with myself – what really inspire me today? Then I land on a task or two that I want to accomplish that day. The great thing is, because I am fueled by purpose and inspiration, I have been super-productive and able to do more in less time.

For Slideberry, I was completely on fire in the area content creation during the past week. I wrote two pretty damn good (in my humble opinion) blog posts on content marketing and affiliate marketing, created the Digestive Wellness Done-For-You content package, and about to post the Detox Fundamental Done-For-You Home Study Program. Yes, all those grand ideas about building out the business is taking a backseat now, but who knows, inspiration may strike and I may just revamp that whole area next week!  (Hint – better stock up before pricing structure got reviewed!)

I am very honored to share this experience with you – although my coaching programs and consulting service seem to take on a very practical perspective, I never overlook the inspiration part. This is something that I often discuss with my clients before we start doing strategies and planning. It just strikes me, once again, how important this is. I would love to hear from you, please let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

(Thanks for reading! This is definitely a post longer than I would recommend, but I really, really need to get all of these out of my system!)

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  1. You are amazing!

  2. love everything! I’m going to be ordering some workshop slides and contacting you with a few questions. thanks

  3. Very helpful Ling! This was exactly what I needed to read today (and somehow you knew it:-) Thank you!

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