Free Yourself From the Biggest Time-Sucker

By Mary Cravets

The other day, I found myself stressed to the max because my email inbox kept piling up. I was checking it all the time, and fearing the overwhelming build-up of messages.

Then I stopped myself, because I realized the urgency was entirely in my head. In order to reality check the situation, I asked myself five questions. I’ve shared the questions and my answers below.

  1. How many emails do I receive per day? Approximately 100.
  2. Out of 50 emails you receive, how many do I actually need to read? Approximately 15.
  3. Out of 50 emails you receive, how many do I need to respond to? Approximately five.
  4. How often does an urgent request come through email? One per month, tops.
  5. How quickly do I need to respond to an urgent email? Within one business day.

So, with a little discipline, I could choose to look at my email once every 24 hours and my activity would consist of deleting 70 emails, reading 30, and responding to 10. Probably a total of 25 minutes of activity.

Can these questions help you, too?


About the Author

Mary CMary Cravets is a Business Coach and Speaker who works with highly motivated small business owners who are tired of working all the time, and who want their business to run like a well oiled machine and get paid what they’re worth. She helps create momentum through the implementation of simple systems which lead to financial prosperity and ease in all areas of their lives. To learn more about Mary and get her great resource, visit

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