Find Your Expert Sweet Spot – what does the fact that “I am not a tech whiz” mean for your coaching business?

I am totally upfront and transparent about this – I help folks with some tech stuff for their website, but I am not a tech whiz by any stretch. I cannot code my way out of a box – besides some basic html – and frankly I have no desire to go that direction because anything related to computing just blow up at my face if I try to go fancy.

Nonetheless, I have a slew of happy clients who loves to work with me on setting up their websites or making improvements – and that’s definitely not because I can code with my toes or my eyes closed!

The reason is, I can relate to them in plain English! I can tell them what works and what doesn’t, why (at the level that they need to care about), and how to work around what doesn’t work in simple and easy-to-understand ways. I don’t talk to them in coding/engineering language about how the backend works – they don’t need to understand that to make their websites work, and they have other things going on to really care about that. I make things work – set up in straightforward ways that they can manage themselves.

Ok, enough about me. Why is this relevant to your coaching business?

This can translate to how you can find your expert sweet spot.

You don’t have to an absolute authority in a subject matter in order to position yourself as an expert.

Let’s say, on the scale of 0 – 10 on a certain topic, you are at a 6. You still have a lot to offer when someone is at a 3 or 4, and want to learn more about the topic.  Compared to an 8 or a 10, you are probably in a better position to coach them… why?

  • You probably experienced what they are going through more recently – you can relate to them on a personal level, adding empathy to the mix. (Remember, people buy with emotions)
  • You can talk to them in language that they actually understand! Someone at an 8 may use too much specialized terms or jargons that a 3 may just won’t understand or find too intimidating.
  • You are probably more capable to show a 3 the steps to get to be a 4 than someone too advanced – no one can jump from being a 3 to being a 7 overnight.

Remember, even if you are a 6, you still have a ton to offer and you can position yourself as an expert if your target market is at the 3 or 4 level – it is about finding your sweet spot and your target audience, and then translating your expertise and knowledge into coaching materials that your clients can understand and action steps that they can implement with success.

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