Find Your Brilliance = More Ease, More Confidence

Finding your brilliance – understanding what you do best with most grace and ease – is not just a navel-gazing, patting yourself on the back kind of activity. It can help both your marketing effort and in how you see yourself and your business. Sounds simple, but some people have the limting belief that if something comes to them so easily, it will be for others too and if it comes so easily, why am I charging people for it? Actually, the thing that you do with most grace and ease is often where your most brilliant expertise lies.

Nailing your brilliance is an important first step before you start any marketing effort. Why?

  • It helps you understand your strength so that you know what to sell and how best to package your services.
  • It helps you understand who you do your best work with, who you enjoy working with, and who gets the most out of your services – sounds like a clearly-defined target market to me.
  • Knowing who you are addressing, your subsequent marketing effort such as picking the appropriate promotion activities or writing your sales page, will come so much easier and your message will be so much more effective.
  • Knowing your expertise, why people buy from you and the great results you have already achieved boost your confidence – and never under-estimate that. One of my clients discovered her brilliance after answering my one question – she got her groove back, felt like a million and found her confidence in pursuing a keynote-speaking opportunity. Her momentum allowed her to set up everything right, including a group program as an offer during her speech, during which she filled her first group program!

When I work with my clients one-on-one, although not as a “formal” step, I always start with helping them find their brilliance through the exercises of defining their expertise, finding their target market and writing up their unique selling proposition. Getting to the bottom of it definitely has more nuances I can share in a blog post, however, here are a few questions you can start with:

  • Who are attracted to me and my services?
  • Who gets most out of my services?
  • Why do my clients hire me?
  • What results do they get?
  • What do they like most about working with me?
  • What topic(s) am I an expert in? Do I work in multiple modalities that I can combine creatively to make my offerings unique? What do I love to learn about and become an expert in?

There is so much more to it and the key really is to dig so deep that you feel like you want to run away from it!
That’s why I designed the “Find Your Brilliance :: Target Market Intensive VIP Session” so that you can get clarity and get this baby out of the way in just 90 minutes – no more “I will do it when I get to sit down and think” (which is just about… never!)

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