The “Fear Busting” Question To Get You Into Action

Often times, fear is something that holds us back from taking action and achieving our goals.

Having fear is human. However, it doesn’t mean our actions have to be controlled by our fears. In fact, if you fully acknowledge your fear and take a good close look at it, you can get to the root of it and in the process learn a lot about yourself.

Our experience, upbringing, and belief systems shape our fears. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of not being good enough, fear of be criticized… the list goes on.

Regardless of what your fear is about, here is one simple process to help you see it from a different perspective and “get over” it.

First, understand that we are DEFINING what we are afraid of  with a “negative” term (e.g. rejection, being criticized etc.) How would you describe the situation without making a negative/judgmental definition?

E.g. instead of “rejection”, the objective way to see it can be “someone saying no” – she may be saying no because of her own circumstances, which has nothing to do with you. Or, instead of “being criticized”, the neutral way to describe it can be “people saying some not-so-nice things about what I do” – they may have different value, or different perspective, and it doesn’t mean your point of view is not valid.

Then, ask yourself: “WHAT MEANING AM I GIVING TO [fear]?” – e.g. “what meaning am I giving to rejection?”, or “what meaning am I giving to someone saying no?” This will instantly create distance between you and the fear for you to see the fact that YOU ARE NOT YOUR FEAR.

This question will help you illuminate the objective reality, and what YOUR interpretation of the circumstances is. Your interpretation is, more often than not, what creates the fear that is holding you back.

When you ask that question, you will also uncover the underlying primary fear driving your actions. E.g. when you ask “what meaning am I giving to rejection?”, you may see that you are actually afraid that if you are being rejected, it proves to you that you are indeed not good enough – which underlines the primary fear of being inadequate.

When you identify your primary fears (you may have many different fears, but when you get to the bottom of it, you most likely will find 2-3 primary fears that are driving your actions), you will be able to release them and take the action you need to move forward.

To learn more about Primary Fears and how to release them, check out this Fear Releasing SELF-Guided Program.

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