Explode Your List – Website Not Needed!

When people tell me they are not ready to promote their work because they are waiting for their website to be all set up and pretty, I get angry. Yes, a website is your “homebase” for your online marketing, but this tech bit should not hold you back from starting.

The ONE THING you should do while you are “waiting” for your web guy to “get it together” is to grow your list. Yep, without a website. You start getting people onto your list, start communicating with them regularly and providing valuable content, you will have a list of loyal subscribers all lined up and ready to buy when your sales page comes online!

So, here is what I told my client (whose website is “under construction”) to do, and she added 30 people to her list within a 12 hour period – without spending a extra dime:



First, create an “invitation” page through your newsletter service provider. The only action people can take on this page is to sign up for your free gift.

Then promote the hell out of it:

  • If you guest blog, include the mention of free gift and the sign up URL in the bio/author box.
  • Add the mention of free gift and the sign up link to all of your social media profiles – in fact, any online profile you have.
  • Share this free gift URL on all the social media groups that your target market hangs out on.
  • Send out a one-time email to contacts in your personal email address book – updating your contact what you are up to, and share the free gift sign up URL. Ask to kindly share if they know someone who can benefit from the information.
  • Send an email to your referral partners with the sign up URL and a paragraph or two, and ask them to share with their list.
  • When you submit entries onto article sites (e.g. Ezine Articles), make sure you include the free gift sign up link in your author’s bio.

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  1. What is mailchimp? How does this work to gather more clients, or navigate people to your website?

    • ling says:

      hi Maureen,
      mailchimp provides list management and email newsletter service – like aweber, constant contact etc.
      building your list is only the first step – you need to communicate with your list consistently and your newsletter will drive them to your website to learn more.


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