EXPLODE + MONETIZE List Engagement System

Make Money While You Sleep

A ONE-OF-A-KIND, PAINT-BY-NUMBER System that Gives You the Key to 6-Fig Online Business

You want to stop “pounding the pavement” and build your business online so you can reach more CLIENTS, have more FLEXIBILITY and earn a great INCOME.

You need a high-quality, responsive LIST

You want to get out of the 1:1, hours-for-dollars business model by offering products and programs so you can leverage your time, effort and knowledge, help more people, EARN MORE and WORK LESS.

You need a high-quality, responsive LIST

You want to be certain that every time you launch a product or program, you are not just crossing your fingers and hope that more than 3 people will sign up because you don’t have a tribe of people who will BUY FROM YOU for sure.

You need a high-quality, responsive LIST


juicy payday

A loyal list of subscribers you can connect with and promote to is one of the surest way to generate CONSISTENT INCOME.

It Is Your Key to Ending the “Feast + Famine” Cycle

But a list of anyone who can fog a mirror is not good enough – it just means you are paying mailchimp/aweber/constant contact a lot of money to send out emails that don’t convert.

You need a HIGH QUALITY list of your ideal clients, who are actively seeking the service you provide and interested in what you have to offer.

You need a RESPONSIVE list of subscribers who will engage with you in a two-way conversation and who will take action (click that “Buy Now” button) when it’s time for you to ROLL IN THE DOUGH!

Sending Out Newsletter Should Be Way More Than a Writing Exercise


Most coaches will tell you that the “magic list number” for a 6-figure business is 1,000. Some people build a thriving business with far fewer, and some are working at minimum wage with a huge list. Although the number is a good benchmark number, QUALITY does MATTER.

Most “list building” trainings focus how to add numbers to your list. But they leave you hanging… what do you do afterwards to make sure your list is not “sitting there” just so you can pay a few bucks a month to your newsletter service provider?

You need to ENGAGE your list in order to MONETIZE your list

Enters “email marketing”, “relationship marketing” and whatever you want to call that “sending out consistent communications to your list” thing, so you stay top of mind and establish your expert status. Now you have to find another training program.


one month 1Ok, even if you take a few of these training courses and manage to patch the bits and pieces together over time, you still need to roll up your sleeves, write the free gift before you can get that sign up going (news flash, “sign up for free newsletter” just doesn’t cut it anymore). And you still have to roll up your sleeves, write those articles before you can do your email marketing.

And, if you want to MONETIZING YOUR LIST, you need to roll up your sleeves (again) and bang out some products and programs so you actually have something to $ELL!

We are talking about months of work just to put all the know-hows and materials together, so you can get started with this list/email/online marketing business.

Makes me sweat just thinking about all the work


my online biz, supported by an awesome list, allows me to hang with lil guy all day

my online biz, supported by an awesome list, allows me to hang with lil guy all day

I have gone through this process, and let me tell ya, when you get through to the other end, the flexibility and freedom you gain from having an online business is LIBERATING. But you do need to get there first… by cultivating a HIGH-QUALITY, RESPONSIVE and LOYAL list.

It pains me to see people not moving forward because putting all the pieces together is confusing and time-consuming. I want to help you shorten your timeline of MONETIZING your BUSINESS ONLINE significantly by giving you everything you need to rock your list building and email marketing effort.

How about, in one easy-to-implement package, you get DONE-FOR-YOU materials you can use to build your list and cultivate relationship, PLUG-AND-PLAY autoresponder copy to build that “like, know and trust” factor, plus BIZ COACH IN YOUR POCKET smart strategies and step-by-step instruction – just like I am sitting next to you for hours.

Oh, here is the best part – you also get the program materials, PRE-WRITTEN sales page copy and strategies on how to UPSELL right away to start ROLLING IN THE DOUGH while you build your list.

You don’t have to sit tight and toil your thumb until you are ready for that big program launch!


Sounds good? I thought so.

excuse free zone

Here is the juiciness you get in this PAINT-BY-NUMBER list building + monetization system:

#1 Special Edition DONE-FOR-YOU Content (over $300 retail value!)

With tips and prompts to help you customize your materials and maximize your effort.

List Building Free Gifts:

  • Total Wellness Special Report ($19 retail value) – introduces a holistic approach to health and wellness, with 15 quick and simple ways to achieve physical wellness, emotional balance and mental clarity.
  • Effective Weight Loss Special Report ($29 retail value) – reviews why some of the conventional approaches to fat/weight loss don’t work, provides an overview of the idea behind fat accumulation (insulin level), and how to lose fat/weight effectively based on that approach.
  • Detox Special Report ($29 retail value) – focuses on building awareness around toxicity and detox, with facts and information to give you a platform to upsell your own Detox program. Building awareness is to key to creating a demand for your services, and the content in this special report will help you to do just that.

Instant Upsell Products:

  • 21 Days of Wellness Email Coaching Program ($89 retail value) – 21 content-rich, action-focused emails designed to be delivered to your clients over the course of 3 weeks – providing them with practical information and tools to build a strong foundation for optimal health while giving you the chance to connect with them EVERYDAY for three weeks.
    View sample pages here
  • Weight Management Program ($89 retail value) – weight management techniques that go beyond dieting and calorie counting.  Understand how our environment, lifestyle choices and body-chemistry affect weight gain, and how mindset changes can supercharge the effort. You will get script for 2 audio segments and materials for a handout packet.
    View sample content here

Email Marketing Content:

  • 3 Done-For-You Article packs ($57 retail value) – articles perfect for blog posts and newsletters so you have no excuse for not sending out your newsletter, start engaging your peeps and positioning yourself as the expert. Each pack contains 5 articles, so you have 15 articles to get you going right away! **that is almost 4 months of weekly newsletters!**
    You will get these articles packages: Kick Your Cravings, Nutrition For Energy, and Stress Management.

#2 Exclusive PLUG-AND-PLAY Promo Copy

  • Free Gift Sign Up Page copy ($89 value) – 3 sets, one for each special report – people are becoming more and more reluctant about giving away their contact information. You have to make your free gift compelling to your target market before they will share their email. These pre-written copy will take your sign up rate way beyond just saying “sign up for our newsletter”.
  • Post-Sign-Up Email Follow Up Sequence ($179 value) – 3 sets of 3-email sequence that you can plug into your autoresponder to build that “like, know and trust” factor and introduce your potential clients to the entry-level upsell products that you have put in place to further engage them.
  • Sales Page Sample Copy ($149 value) – 2 sets of sales page copy, one for each “instant upsell products” so you can start seeing revenue right away without having to wait for your “next big launch”.

#3 BIZ COACH In Your Pocket

Marketing and Promotional Strategies ($119 value) – tips, checklists and how-tos so you can get the most out of these ready-to-rock materials and start monetizing your list! No more “What am I going to do with this bag of goodies?”

I have invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in learning list building and email marketing. These strategies and tactics are all TRIED-AND-TRUE, field-tested by yours truly – boiled down to succinct and easy to follow steps tailored to heath and wellness pros so you don’t have to jump through all the hoops of learning the general information and then applying it to your biz.

I will also tell you why I wrote the way I wrote, so you can learn the principles and apply them to any copy you create.

In this comprehensive “like I am sitting next to you” guide, you will learn:

  • What exactly you need to do to get that sign up box on your website*
  • *** How to structure your free gift and what to include so it’s actually “marketing” for you ***
  • How to grow you list even if your website is “not ready”
  • 7 ways to spread the word about your free gift to GET MORE SUBSCRIBERS
  • *** How to inject REGULAR GROWTH SPURTS to your list ***
  • How to use information products to MAKE MONEY BY SENDING EMAILS from day 1
  • 5 ways to upgrade your SALES PAGE
  • How to package and price your information products to create multiple levels of offerings that will supercharge your business model
  • How to cultivate a LOYAL and RESPONSIVE LIST so your can stop “crossing your finger and hope for the best” at your next program or product launch
  • *** My #1 strategy to make my list LOVE me + PAY me ***
  • 3 ways to make money with information products while you grow your list
  • How to make money with your list before you have your own products and programs
  • *** My EMAIL MARKETING SECRETS SAUCE to build an engaged and loyal following that will BUY from you ***
  • List Explosion + Monetization Activity Checklist – lather, rinse and repeat without “shoot, how did I miss that?”


TOTAL VALUE of all these awesome goodness exceeds: $838

Note: You get a detox special report in this package – however, as a lot of folks already have their own detox programs, I have not included one in this package. If you don’t have a detox program to use as upsell, I am offering a $20 off the Done-For-You 10-day Metabolic Detox Manuals Set so you can get up and running in no time. You will get all the details in your package.

Hey, we are not done yet!

bonus time

I don’t throw in bonuses just to make the package look impressive so I can charge more. These bonuses are carefully selected to supercharge your list building and monetization effort – without giving you information overload.

BONUS #1 :: I Just Gave You Fish Dinner, Now I Show You How To Fish

  • Killer Sales Page Template ($19 retail value) – the 12 Essential Elements you want to include in your sales page, with detailed description of each, why it is important and strategies to make it work harder for you.
  • The Magical Newsletter Template ($9 retail value) – a flexible structure that will maximize the effectiveness of your newsletters.

BONUS #2 :: No Confusion, Just Action

  • Resource Guide ($19 value) – my little black book of no- or low-cost resources and tools that will get you up and running with minimal overhead. You see, PROFIT = Revenue – Expense


Phew! I got tired just typing up everything you will get in this package to EXPLODE + MONETIZE YOUR LIST!

Right about now, you are drooling and wondering, how much does this juicy package cost?

Sigh of relieve, nothing close to its at least $900 value.

I am making it a no-brainer investment for you.

I am pricing it at JUST $277 (that is less than what you would pay for all the done-for-you materials alone if you get them separately!!) – a $600+ Saving!!

You Can EXPLODE + MONETIZE Your List for JUST $277!

 {Just the Done-For-You Content has a retail value of over $300!}

What People Are Saying…

“The Explode + Monetize List Engagement System is that amazing, rare gem you find with all the bells and whistles. The information was put together in an easy to understand and implement format. The marketing information, as well as all the tips and tricks Ling adds is well worth the investment.
This program gave me a good starting point when I began navigating the online world. It’s a must have for anyone going into business for themselves. Thank you Ling for all the informative products you create!”

~ Arlene Tokariwski R.H.N., C.H., Haven of Life Integrative Wellness


“I have purchased more than one thing from Ling, and the latest was the 21 Days of Wellness Email Coaching Program. A truly great way to add a lower price option to your Health Coaching Program List. Set it up, add people as they sign up, and all the work is done for you!  Can’t beat that. My clients have really enjoyed the 21 Days and I have really enjoyed having it in my practice. Thanks, Ling!!”

– Jamie Jones, HHC, Obtainable Wellness


“Just wanted to take a minute to tell you how helpful your programs have been to me and my business. I work another job to pay the bills and having the articles that I can use in a pinch for my blog has been a life saver… Sometimes just coming up with an idea is a challenge!

 The Weight Loss program gave me the skeleton for my own unique program … for an online product as well as a workshop I have scheduled at a local hospital. I am really excited about The 21 Days of Wellness program! This is a free gift I plan to put an offer on the back of my business card with a link to my website. In fact it is a great gift for an upcoming goodie bag for a Wellness show. I will do a postcard and build my list some more!

Additionally, though not perfect yet, the one to one coaching [with Ling] for finding my niche is getting me closer to where I need to be. Thanks so much- you are providing a very valuable service for those of us who can use some guidance and structure in our new businesses. Thank you so much!”

– Jean Cornell, RN, BS, MA, PhD, Natural Health and Wellbeing Network


Some people just tell you they added X number of people over the course of Y months. But do you know how much revenue they generate from that effort? I personally use all the strategies that I share with you in the “BIZ COACH In Your Pocket” component to grow my list to over 1,000 in 9 months, cultivated a loyal and responsive list that pushed my profit over the 6-figure mark after just 15 months in business.

RYD guaranteeIf, for any reason, you don’t think the Explode + Monetize List Engagement System serves your needs, email your receipt to awesomeness@slideberry.com within 7 days of your purchase, and a full refund in the form of slideberry store credit will be issued to you (can be used on any done-for-you material and how-to guide). No question, no hassle, no quibble.



More Happy Clients…

Kathleen 2

-Kathleen LeGrys, Inspired Healthy Living


kerry“Slideberry allowed me to have programs that were more professional and easily marketed within a reasonable amount of time. By using the Done-For-You programs I am more comfortable offering multiple programs, workshops etc. It allows me to progress and expand and takes some of the work out of it. It takes a long time to set up your business and put together content…

Slideberry’s Done-For-You materials give me many more options and ways to reach potential clients than saying ‘I have a 6 month  program.’… I have been tremendously satisfied with the materials that I have ordered. So far I have put together the 21-day email program and it has been going out for a week. This has been wonderful and it was easy to make it my own and launch.

For the most part I use Slideberry’s materials as a way to make all my extra money and help me to have content to offer above and beyond my typical “signature” program. It has allowed me to start to be successful as a new Health Coach just about to graduate. I thank you it has taken a lot of the stress out of getting started.”

– Kerry Fleckenstein, Green Fields Health and Wellness


p.s. You can use the materials in this system over and over and over again You can adapt the materials, strategies, checklists, tips and principles to grow you list any time you feel like it. You will learn how to cultivate a high quality list that will PAY YOU again and again. This is a tool kit that keeps on giving.

p.p.s. Think about the time, effort, stress and sweat that you will save by having a SYSTEM for list building and email marketing – this is a done-for-you materials and learning opportunity rolled into one neat package – you will learn by implementing (and making $$). Then you can apply and adapt the strategies to take your business to the next level. This is the best you are going to get without paying me to be on the phone with you for hours and hours and hours.

p.p.s. Just the Done-For-You Content is worth over $300 retail value if purchased individually – do the math!

Geez, did I just price this thing at $277??!

Got questions? On the fence? Let me push you over – email awesomeness@slideberry.com

* I can’t cover every single service provider so it is NOT a “users’ manual” type instruction. I will give you enough overview so you know what has to happen, find the right tools and ask tech support the right questions without wondering “what that xyz thingie is” – you will feel EMPOWRED to TAKE ACTION.


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