{{ Expert Interview }} Talk To The Hand (and Find Your Big Bucks)

deniseyeI am sooooo thrilled when Denise agreed to do an interview with me. We “met” through a hand analysis (on my gift marks), and very quickly I got sucked into her world (love love love her newsletters… they are like gems of truth in my inbox) and started working with her in a soul-digging program that is instrumental to many of the things I am creating and expressing through my business today.

Denise Dee is a Rebel Seer and Rage to Riches Expert who specializes in helping creative women express and manifest their desires using the tools of hand analysis, astrology, energy work and deep X-Ray Vision. When she says “hey, what”s going on in your throat” there is nowhere to hide but to face the TRUTH and say, “Busted!”

In this interview, you will hear:

  • The 101 of what hand analysis is, and why it is so powerful
  • Answer to the question “is this for real?” (for those of you skeptics out there)
  • Rants from us “misfits” on why cookie-cutter templates and blueprints yields inconsistent results
  • What “penalty” zones are and how to dig yourself out of it
  • Why “boxes” in your hands are critical to you having all of YOU – it is so liberating!
  • Why Rage and Anger (and all those other “negative” emotions”) have their place in our “spiritual” growth and how Denise made money every time she gets angry
  • A super-duper special offer from Denise to get your hands “done” – Denise will look at your heart line and gifts marks (so you can step up and CLAIM the hell out of it) for just $122 (a $297 “for real” value) – that is a $175 discount! You can sign up here.


btw, if you are curious about my gift marks, read this post.

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