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011_AppelbaumI “met” Barbara Appelbaumn through Facebook – and was so impressed by her energy, enthusiasm and achievement. Even with MS – a challenging health condition, she gets more done than most of us mere mortals… she has self-published her book, and it seems like every week she is telling us how many new speaking gigs she scored.

I have “courted” her for a while to get on the phone with me and share with my peeps how she did it – and finally! Here she is… In this interview, you will hear from Barbara:

  • How she self-published her book
  • How to select a self-publisher and what to look out for
  • How to use your book to open doors to other opportunities
  • Why you want a landing page for the book, rather than just sending people to amazon
  • How to score yourself some fab speaking gigs

Take a listen, and be prepared to take some notes:

live-in-wellness-now-book-cover1You can connect with Barbara through her website, Facebook and Twitter.

You can also find her book Live In Wellness Now here.

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