{{ Expert Hangout }} How To Talk To Your Spouse About Investing In Your Coaching Business

Talking to their partners or spouses about investing in your business can be a tricky subject for some. It is not just about getting your spouse to say “yes” – it is about getting him/her on board and be supportive of your venture.

I am all for discussing such investments in yourself and your business with your spouse. You do want to make sure that you enter the conversation from the space of healthy boundary and empowered voice, instead of the energy of seeking permission and validation.

My guest expert for this Hangout is Rick Gabrielly – founder of the Marriage Buzz and an expert in couples finance and communication. He shared with us 5 important points you want to cover and address when you bring up the subject of investing a sizable sum in your business with your partner or spouse.

This interview almost has a “reality show” quality to it (at my end!) – my sitter called in sick last minute so I had my 22-mo monkey guest starring in the background… trashing my office as Rick and I chatted (you will see me make a funny face or two and got caught on camera). Not only that, I had a hiccup with G+ and muted myself out from 4:16 to 5:25 (blaming Mercury Retrograde). So, it’s a permission slip for you to put your videos out there without having to wait for everything to work perfectly!

Hey, we did it, and Rick has given us some great tips so I am sure you are cool with it. After all, it’s what “showing up to whatever shows up to us” about… stay cool and roll with it.

You can find Rick at www.themarriagebuzz.com.

You can also grab his book here; or download his app for iPhone here or for Android here.

Check him out. He’s cool.

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