{{ Expert Hangout }} Irresistible Website Essentials With Jess Webb

June Gloom is hitting the always sunny Santa Monica. But it doesn’t mean you need to feel sad about your website! I just had an awesome interview with my biz girlfriend Jess Webb, who is the Web-Marketing Goddess Extraordinaire. Watch this video to see us geek out on:

  • What the biggest mistake entrepreneurs are making with their website.
  • The top 3 steps to make our website really get RESULTS (ie. build our email list, bring us new clients and income, etc)
  • What should go on the home page of a website.
  • How to use your website to support your “Empire”. (+ why website isn’t “dead” yet and why you can’t put all your eggs in social media)
  • How can we make the process of creating our websites easy and fun(!!), and what you can do when you are stuck.

To learn more about Jess, download her 6-Figure Website Free Gift (it’s JUICY!) and get more helpful website tips, hop over to her website here.

Here are 10 things (+ 1 money wrench you may be throwing yourself) you need to know when hiring your “web guy” – read the article.

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