Event Promotion Checklist

When you hold an event (teleseminar, class, workshop) you have to get the word out using different venues. Having a checklist handy can help you ensure that you hit every resource that you have at your disposal – without wasting time to recreate the wheel every time. Create a spreadsheet to keep track of these tasks with columns for: launch date, promo activity, date, and completed.

Here are some examples of promo activities:

  • Facebook business page first post
  • Facebook business page second post
  • Facebook business page third post
  • Facebook personal page
  • Facebook event
  • Facebook marketplace
  • Facebook groups
  • Linked In groups
  • Linked In status
  • Referral partners
  • Past, current and potential clients
  • Newsletter – solo mailing round 1
  • Newsletter – solo mailing round 2
  • Newsletter – content tie-in round 1
  • Newsletter – content tie-in round 2
  • Press Release – local and national publications
  • Press Release – online distribution platform

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