{{ EPIC Hangout }} “What The STUCK?” How To Get Everything You Really (Secretly) Want!

This is the most fun hangout I have ever done! Marcie and I just jammed for 45 minutes (we could go on for another two hours, but didn’t, for our listener’s sanity and our kids’ wellbeing…) – she is pure awesomeness and you are going to LOVE this conversation if you dig my Business Soulwork stuff.

Marcie and I share a lot of the same intuitive gifts, and she delivers her mad insights in a totally grounded way.

This interview defies bullet points, here is just a few things we talked about (in bullet points):

  • How Marcie met her soul and changed her life after 2 gallons of chunky ice cream (don’t try this at home)
  • The Entrepreneurial Identify Crisis
  • What to do when your soul expression collides with “what you were told about marketing”
  • How to tell when your brain and heart are no longer “connected”/aligned, and what to do when you feel like you are STUCK, nothing is “moving” and you just want to curl up and suck your thumb
  • Having the COURAGE to cut loose the “shiny objects”, the $297 magic-bullet “programs and trainings” so you can make SPACE for YOUR SOUL EXPRESSION to come through
  • An insane opportunity to tap into Marcie’s mad intuitive gift for a song (deets below the vid)

Everyone has hidden blind spots, and when they show up for entrepreneurs like you they cost you time and MONEY. If you’re secretly terrified of being more visible, feel like you’re blocking money, or like your creativity for your next offer has dried up then this is just what the doctor…umm psychic orders!

Marcie is offering “Get Unblocked!” Channeled psychic readings at JUST $197! But don’t sit around on this because she’s getting rave reviews and she can’t hold this price for too long. If you’re ready to FINALLY face the blocks within you that are holding you back then muster the gusto to click here and she will hook you up.

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