End Overwhelm :: Fastest Path To Cash With JUST {3+1} Things (They Are Much Simpler Than You Think!)

If you are starting your coaching business and feel overwhelmed to the point of analysis-paralysis – I get it – been there, done that. No fault of yours. With all the information overload, programs and trainings out there, it is easy to get confused and feel drowned.

Too many “should’s” – whether it’s a training on website, social media, email newsletter, or JV partnership… they all “promised” that the “one” strategy is the path to a 6-figure business.


Most of those who took action and joined a bunch of training programs are left with discrete pieces – some “niche” ideas here, a piece of the website there, a social media profile here, a few postcards and brochures there – that don’t really “talk” to each other, creating an unfocused image and even more confusion.

6 months later, they are still spinning their wheels…
lucky if they got 1 or 2 clients. Sucky if they don’t.

What went wrong?

They didn’t ASK “what is my FASTEST PATH TO CASH?”

There are of course many ways to begin, depending on what you want your business to do for you at this moment in time. However, here is a way to get started to give you the fastest path to cash, which is, signing private clients into your program.

Good news, you only need to hone in on 3 things to make this happen. You just need to know to whom you are selling (your target market), have something to sell (your signature program), and have a way to sell it (an enrollment conversation). And you can get cash in your pocket by talking to as few as ONE person!

It’s not to say that the other “marketing” stuff is not important – they may just not be your top priority right now (clarity, intention and discernment is key when prioritizing, but that’s topic for another day.) When you get clients, have the cash flow and get traction, then you can expand and invest more time and effort on other marketing activities that will expand your reach and create leverage.

1. Know Your People

Nail your target market and know what they really want allows you to speak to them in a way that THEY WILL RESPOND.

However, it is more than answering the question “who are you going to market to?” You want to look at these people more closely and see how YOU emotionally connect with them.

If you pick some target market just because others tell you is “lucrative,” yet you don’t “feel” anything for these people, it may solve the immediate problem of “my coach/the training program tells me I need a target market” but mostly likely, you are going to change your mind a few months down the road and have to re-do the whole thing again.

Please, look at this group of people as PEOPLE – not just a “niche”, not a “target market”, not “some marketing jargon”. Do you feel connected with them on an emotional level? Do you feel their pain and understand the REAL reasons behind why they want what they want – and do you resonate with their big why? Do you feel empathetic about their circumstances and compassionate toward them? Do you want to have a “long-term relationship” with them? Will working with these people light YOU up?

After you have identified this group of your ideal clients, find out how your superpower and expertise connect to their problem… which will lead to #2…

2. Design Your Program

“Reverse engineer” your programs and packages with your target market’s desired outcome in mind, with an eye on how you can fold in your unique talent to create something that stands out. Write your sales page* (that is my favorite way to get clear) and ask “Will my ideal client say yes to this?” and then from this sales page you know exactly what you need to include in your program to make it attractive to your target market.

Know exactly what your program includes and the benefits it delivers. Be prepared to respond to objections and questions. Get your pricing down pat and be completely confident about it. If you can clearly communicate why your ideal clients need to work with you right here right now and create that urgent demand and desire, you can confidently state your price (which is essential for #3 to be successful.)

Bonus tip: designing a signature system is a great way to layout “what you do and how you do it” so you can effectively communicate what a potential client can achieve by working with you. See this article on how to craft your signature system.

* Resource – get this Killer Sales Page template that maps out all the sales page essential components for you.

3. Ace Your Enrollment Conversation

This is the “last mile” in getting clients. It doesn’t matter how good your marketing or your program is, if you can’t get a potential client to say “yes”, you still don’t have clients. Ouch.

To get more “yeses”, arm yourself with a framework that includes all essential elements that will build up to your potential client saying “yes”. Having a defined and proven process will present you as the expert, and you can confidently lead the conversation. When you are in charge, you can guide the session seamlessly into how you can help your potential client, without any awkward energy when the clock hits the 45-min mark and it’s time to share information about your program!

Bonus tip: read this article to learn the “Jedi Mind Trick” that will help you banish that awkward money talk silence in your discovery session. If you are ready to rock this “last mile”, check out this Enrollment Conversation Secrets Program.

{+1} Strengthen Your Money Mindset

An empowered relationship with money is the first step to claiming your worth. Do you have a leaky money boundary? Do you have an empowered voice when you enter money conversations? Do you know your challenges when it comes to money issues, and how to leverage your “money strength” so you can focus on what you do best in your business?

Your money mindset is the secret to charging what you want and get it, putting an end to (or never starting) undercharging, over-delivering, constantly discounting and giving services away for free. It will help you confidently state your price without any weird energy that drives potential clients away.

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