Client Spotlight :: From Dream To New Coaching Business In 12 Weeks

RickPlatinum Coaching Client Rick Gabrielly is a firecracker choked full of energy and ideas. When he first connected with me, he had this big vision to help couples reignite the passion and cultivate a more loving relationship through better communication and understanding, but felt totally stuck when it came to bringing this dream to life.

This big vision has been swirling in his head for quite a while (2 years, to be exact), yet he was unable to gather the oomph to make it a reality – imagine his frustration! There are many moving parts and he was steeped in information overload from all the business and marketing programs/trainings he has taken. Despite his efforts and enthusiasm, he was stuck on the hamster wheel and not seeing results from his hard work.

I am going to share with you the exact steps we went through during the first 12 weeks of his Platinum Coaching Program that turned his dream into REALITY. Before we dig into the strategies, here is Rick’s experience, in his own voice:

Accountability. Period.

After many years of trying and coming up with less than desired results, I connected with Ling Wong. I was drawn to her after seeing her strong online presence, one that exuded consistency, organization and a clear message: “Business Soulwork and Marketing Activation for Coaches”.

From our very first conversation, Ling was on point, focused and most importantly for me, held me accountable. This was the missing piece of my puzzle. I had tried in the past, always working hard, putting in the time, taking the courses, reading the books, attending the webinars, sound familiar?

But as a solo practitioner, I had nobody to hold me accountable.

After only one session with Ling, I was on the path that would turn my mission from merely a dream into reality. My “Personalized System”, often referred to in the coaching world as the signature system, is finally out there in its proper “Spotlight” and it’s 100% due to Ling’s commitment to me and getting this done.

Ling will go to bat for you in many ways, from creating a plan to reach YOUR goal, to moving in a clearly defined step-by-step fashion. Her program gets you where you want to go. Fast. Every session is packed with smart strategies to get you out of your own way and get you in the arena.

She has the tools and the smarts to EXECUTE your plan. No messing around, no reinventing the wheel. No more procrastination. Just RESULTS.

If you have a message that’s “dying on the vine” let Ling help get you from seed to harvest. I can’t wait to see where her and I will go next, since I’m still only in the middle of my program with her!

Rick Gabrielly
“The Marriage Buzz: Putting The HONEY Back In Your Relationship”

Now you are wondering, what steps and strategies we went through to take Rick from ZERO to having crystal CLARITY, a signature SYSTEM, a high-end PROGRAM all mapped out and {gasp!} a no-shame WEBSITE in less than 12 weeks?

Let’s spill the beans, including all the ups and downs:

  • To kick off our work, we helped Rick get clear on his big vision – what he wants to do, HOW he wants to do it, and what he wants his business to do FOR him. We dug into his niche, and defined his target market so he was set up to quickly design his signature system.
  • A couple of weeks in, Rick’s excitement was dampened by his fear and he was not able to move forward as quickly as he hoped. So we looked into the inner game and identified his fear. Besides some tools and resources to release the fear, we also devised some practical strategies he could add to his program not only to increase the value but also to help him overcome that fear (two birds with one stone, yay!)
  • It wasn’t all smooth sailing after that! Rick was stumped by the most common way used to design a signature system so we looked at it from another angle and “reversed engineered” it from his ideal client profile. Bingo! It totally clicked and by week 4, his signature system was in good shape!
  • By week 6, we have designed his high-end signature program and also worked out the pricing – including payment plan options and ways to encourage client commitment!
  • Now Rick is in business – he has a program to sell! Since his goal is to create a leveraged business model and eventually do more than 1:1 coaching, we went to work on his online presence. For the next few weeks, we looked at all aspects of building his website, setting up his free gift for list building and also seeding his list.
  • At the time of this writing (we are 13 sessions in), Rick has his solid foundation set up and is ready to hone in on his enrollment conversation, generate some buzz with a launch call, and get his email newsletter and content marketing going!
  • Of course it’s not just talk. Rick takes action, stays committed and implements the action items from each session with gusto.He has two teenage boys and two other businesses to run – no room for BS!
  • Most importantly, Rick is completely jazzed about this new chapter of his life – as he mentioned in our recent coaching call, it’s important for a coach to have the FREEDOM to CREATE. When you get to live life with your own voice and own message, and step up to share it with others, the rest will fall into focus. And it’s this focus that allowed him to put this new business on the fast track – he is even ready to start writing his book! (btw, he joined a program to help him write his book a year before, but he never completed his book because he had not nailed his message that is in total alignment with himself.)


What a Piece of the Action?

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