Done-For-You 21 Days of Wellness Email Coaching Program

3 full weeks to build the “Like Know and Trust” factor with your potential client

  • Want to have a free giveaway that will put your in your potential clients’ inbox for 21 days in a row, training them to open your every single email and building the “Like, Know and Trust” factor?
  • Want to create an entry-level program that fill a gap in your business model and attract more potential clients into your circle?
  • Want to launch a mid-level program that will cover the basis and also allow you to add content and showcase your expertise?
  • How about having a series of content that will add value and interest to your membership program, enticing more people to sign up and show up?

All without having to reinvent the wheel!

Done-For-You Email Coaching Program for Health & Wellness Coaches

This 21 Days of Wellness Email Coaching Program consists of content for 21 coaching emails designed to be delivered to your clients over the course of 3 weeks – providing them with practical information and tools to create a strong foundation for optimal health while giving you the chance to connect with them EVERYDAY throughout the course of three weeks.

Terra 21 Days

You can use this program as a free gift to entice potential clients to sign up for your newsletter list. What better way to appear in your potential clients’ inbox for 21 days in a row, and train them to open your emails? You will build the “Like, Know and Trust” factor, and establish yourself as their ally in providing valuable tools and information.

You can create an entry-level price point program to enhance your business model. It’s a great way to introduce you and your service to new clients who want to find out more about you but not ready to invest in mid- or high-end products and services. A product at a lower price point also gets people to start buying from you – an entry into getting them to buy more expensive products and services from you later on. Marketing researches have shown that 40% of people who have bought from you once will buy from you again.

You can jazz up the content and create a mid-level coaching program by elaborating on a couple of topics that are in your area of expertise and creating audio/video content for those topics. E.g. if you are a weight loss expert, your weight loss Monday can be an audio or video training with more information. To increase the value (i.e. price) of the program, you can also add a live call for Q&A/laser coaching so that participants can get more personal attention.

This content can also be leveraged to be a component of an on-going membership program (which can be set up at no upfront cost to you) where participants can get support from you and from each other.

Click here to see sample pages.

“I truly count my blessings for having Ling around!  Her done-for-you programs save SO much time and head scratching, and all for such a great price.  I have purchased more than one thing from Ling, and the latest was the 21 Days of Wellness Email Coaching Program. A truly great way to add a lower price option to your Health Coaching Program List. Set it up, add people as they sign up, and all the work is done for you!  Can’t beat that. My clients have really enjoyed the 21 Days and I have really enjoyed having it in my practice. Thanks, Ling!!”

– Jamie Jones, HHC, Obtainable Wellness, on the 21 Days of Wellness Email Coaching Program.

It is a fantastic product, and I look forward to implementing it.

– Kim Bryant, HHC, Armed With Health, on the 21 Days of Wellness Email Coaching Program.

“I just wanted to say a huge thanks for the 21 Days To Wellness package. I have just finished creating and putting together the programme for the 21 days of email coaching and I have 30 people signed up for it.”

– Isabel Barjaktarevic, Zentegrate, on the 21 Days of Wellness Email Coaching Program.

The program focuses on one particular topic each day of the week. Each day participants will receive an email with a few tips and tools on that day’s topic, and an “assignment” related to the tips that will move them toward taking action and making changes. The basic format of the program is in email (written) form, but it can be easily adapted to variations, such as one based on membership site, or to include audio or video components.

Topics covered in this program:

  • Monday: Weight Management
  • Tuesday: Cravings
  • Wednesday: Energy and Mental Clarity
  • Thursday: Emotional Balance
  • Friday: Stress Management
  • Saturday: Mindset for Success
  • Sunday: Progress Check

Click here to see sample pages.

Got Q’s about pricing and setting up the program? Read this article for ideas.

All contents DONE FOR YOU and READY TO GO! Just cut and paste! Why reinvent the wheel?

This program in action on Urbanity Lifestyle:

21 Days on Urbanity

Especially for $89 – don’t you have better things to do, like, getting out there to attract more clients?

Grab the goodies today and launch a program tomorrow!

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