Do You Have a “Not-So-Sexy” Expertise? How to Get More Potential Clients In the Door

If your expertise is not something that people would feel the urgency to solve yesterday, you may have a harder time getting people in the door.

Good news – you don’t have to change your expertise or the way you work.

Brainstorm a few “sexy” topics that are related to your area of expertise – ones that people can grasp easily, and want to have the problem solved yesterday. A problem that is common and easily understood. A problem that your clients can get resolved by working with you.

Here is an example:
What do Sugar Cravings, Toxicity and Stress have in common?

If you are an expert in any of these topics, you know that all of them can make people gain or retain unwanted pounds.

And, “unwanted pounds” is a problem more people can relate to, and urgently want to solve, than say, “manage your stress”.

So instead of doing a “Reduce Your Stress” workshop, you can use a “Weight Management” workshop as a way to get more potential clients in the door. You educate them why sugar/toxicity/stress are contributing to retaining those frustrating last 10 pounds in your presentation, and at the end, present your expertise as the solution.

The strategy is to attract people in the door with a specific problem that you know a lot of people are looking to solve and is easy to communicate, then educate your audience how your area of expertise is related to this gateway problem and how you can help them solve this challenge.

If sugar, toxicity or stress happens to be your schtick, check out this Complete Weight Loss Workshop Kit:

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