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Great deals on all the tools to meet your content and marketing needs!


Complete Wellness “Go-Pro” Kit

Starting out and need a load of content for your blog, newsletter and workshop pronto? Still holding your day job, starting your coaching practice and don’t have time to generate content? Having a full practice and barely have time to write? Or, you simply don’t want to write, period.

The Complete Wellness Kit has all the article content, workshop presentation, and information products you need so you don’t have to sweat and stress over content creation again!

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Wellness Workshop Series

Our most popular Done-For-You Workshop Presentations ready to roll in one neat little package. You also get handouts, flyers, sign up sheet & evaluation form templates and strategies to maximize the income-generating potential of your workshops.

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Corporate Wellness Power Pack

Everything you need to supercharge your venture into worksite wellness!

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“The Whole Hog” Done-For-You Programs/Information Product Bundle

Get all of our Done-For-You Programs, which you can appropriate to create your own ebook, live or email coaching programs, content for membership site, “jumpstart” (30-day) coaching programs, or home-study programs (set it and forget it!) – with additional bonuses – at an 87% off its total value!

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The “Sweet 16” Done-For-You Content Package

Get all of our Done-For-You Content Packages and use them as blog posts, newsletter articles, client handouts; break them up as tweets or facebook posts; or group a few together to create a more meaty article for publication.

80 articles, less than $3 a pop!

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