What If “Digging Deep” Is Overrated?

puke your guts outI am contradicting myself. I have been telling people to DIG freakin’ deep. And lot’s of coaches and personal development whatever also favor the idea of “digging deep.”

You know what, that’s cool. I love contradiction because it forces me to get clear.

I LOVE digging deep with my clients, and they LOVE the breakthroughs that come out of seeing what they have been denying, or looking at themselves and their business from a different perspective.

Recently, I realize maybe it’s not about the “digging”. Most AHA moments happen when we dig deep is because most of the stuff we have been unwilling to see and admit is buried deep so hmm… we don’t have to look at it!

But it doesn’t mean everything you need for a breakthrough is buried. Sometimes, it could be in plain sight, right under your nose (try putting your finger on your nose, can you see it?)

We like to say “digging”, maybe because we like to “work for it”. Maybe we want to “prove” that huge shift can’t be just in plain sight and we are just too dumb to see it!

What if we go dig in the wrong place (thinking we are doing the “right thing”)
so we don’t have to look at “that scary thing” right under our nose?

Recently I moved, and in the midst of unpacking, I thought, what if finding that Nugget of breakthrough can be like unpacking boxes? You don’t have to unpack all the boxes to find the “mission critical” stuff – you just have to unpack the right box and it will be right there for you!

(In the sea of 100 boxes spread across 4 levels, I was able to find all the stuff I need to get the kitchen and the kiddos fully operative in less than 24 hours – that’s because I knew which boxes to open!)

Dig or Unbox?

Of course there is no right answer. Only you know when to dig and when to unbox. And where to dig and which box to unpack.

DISCERNMENT – don’t dig blindly (hmm, have you done one of those books and courses that make you journal till you turn blue and still nothing happened?), and don’t cut open all the boxes without knowing what you are really looking for (have you spent money on numerous programs and trainings only to find that what you learn is not taking you where you want to go?)

Scan your territory with clear INTENTION. Be clear on what you want, who you are and how you want to express YOU. Read this post on making space for the soul to flow so that you can DISCERN with your soul (is it a digging or is it finding the box?) and execute with your intellect (dig or cut open the tape).

Others can’t tell you where to dig for YOUR gold, or which box to open for YOUR treasure.
You have to find your own map, you have to label your own boxes.

Either way – dig or unbox – you will find what you need if you are clear on what you are looking for.


I know, finding that “X” on the map or the right box to open when you are in a sea of boxes can be daunting. When there are so many voices and so many choices, discerning what works can be time- and money-consuming. What if I tell you I can give you an EASY BUTTON for that, so you now where to dig or which box to open?

It exists, it’s HERE.

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