Dig Deep to Grow High

This is the season to look inside ourselves and reflect on where we are, what we stand for, and how we can grow.

I find myself to be very good at planning and implementation, but need some help with finding my inner guidance so that I can take actions that are meaningful, that bring me closer to my purpose and my goals.

Here is a powerful journaling exercise I learn from Anastasia Netri:

  1. To me, happiness means ___________
  2. I am happiest when I am doing ___________
  3. Money is ___________
  4. Things are easy for me because ___________
  5. What makes me magnetic is ___________
  6. Receiving is ___________
  7. Giving is ___________
  8. What I choose to embrace more in my life is ___________
  9. This week I will do ___________ to give love for myself
Also ask yourself “What attracts me to people?” – that’s most likely WHAT YOU ARE!


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