The Difference Between “$100 Per Month” vs. “$3,000 For Six Months”

When Josie first started working with me in the Platinum coaching program, she was charging something like $80 per session. After a couple of months on getting clear on her market, her expertise and her message, we honed in on her program and she raised her fee to $2,500 for a 4-month private coaching program – and felt confident about it.

Think about it, the effort to find and engage a potential client through an enrollment conversation doesn’t differ as much whether you are selling one session or one package, so you might as well sell a higher ticket item to generate more revenue.

What’s the difference between selling an $80 session vs. a $2,500 package?

For you, as a business owner, you are creating consistent cash flow instead of having to worry about where the next $80-per-session client is going to come from. Your marketing investment and effort will be bringing you a higher return on investment.

For you, as a coach, you know your clients are coming back so you don’t have to “fire hose” them with a load of information that they won’t be able to implement to get results (which, unfortunately, will make you look less effective). You won’t be scrambling for “quick fixes” to show that your stuff works. You can take your clients through your step-by-step signature system to make sure  they are implementing your recommendations and getting the transformation you promise to deliver – which is a win-win: your clients get results, they are happy and will give you great referrals and testimonials. Good for business.

For you, as an expert, you can more easily package up your expertise with a focused message, boosting your expert status (and people are willing to pay more for experts.)

Of course, you cannot use the same messaging, program package or marketing communication to sell a $2,500 package as you would for a $80 session.

Your message need sto be specific, your offer needs to be irresistible, your enrollment conversation needs to be air-tight and your money mindset has to be healthy.

Your Message

To craft marketing message that will attract your ideal clients into your world and have an enrollment conversation with you, you need to know your target market like the back of your hand and create content that taps into their challenges, pains, and desires. You would paint vivid pictures and describe specific situations that they will resonate with and scream, “wow, she really knows what it’s all about. I want to see how she can help me!”

Your Offer

Your offer is the vehicle through which your ideal clients get to engage your services. And it’d better be juicy. I like to “reverse” engineer the offer sales page from the challenges, pains, and desires of the ideal clients. Yep, sales page comes first. I like to write the sales page first to nail down what the market wants, before creating content for a program. This way, you are putting together something that is sellable, not something you want to sell.

When you get into an enrollment conversation, you need to be 100% confident about the benefits of your program, and the value it delivers to your clients.

Your Enrollment Conversation

The enrollment conversation is NOT a free coaching session. You want to take your potential client through a specific process to uncover the pain and their desires, and position yourself as the person to deliver the solution (if it’s a good fit). There are many training programs out there that give you templates and stuff (if you join my program, you will get my template that got me 5 new clients in 7 working days) so I am not going to labor on it.

However, one component that is often overlooked is the compassionately-detached mindset. You need to be compassionate with your potential client, yet detached from the outcome of the conversation.

For most coaches, the “conversation” part of the session is easy, but the “enrollment” bit is tricky – unfortunately, it’s also the part that will bring in the money! And that brings us to…

Your Money Mindset

It’s the ENERGY behind the conversation that will change everything for you, and your money mindset plays a big part in it.

You need to have a healthy boundary and an empowered voice around money so you can confidently state your fee without any “charge” behind it. You won’t be disempowering yourself by undercharging, over-delivering, constantly discounting or even giving coaching away for free.

The pricing of your offer is not held back by your fear of rejection, your need of approval and your judgement around money.


Ready to get all these components dialed in so you can raise your fee, charge what you want and get it? If you are saying “Yes, More Clients Please” – let’s do it.

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