How To Design Your Airtight Marketable Signature System

One of the ways I help my business coaching clients to get more high-paying clients is to guide them through the process of designing their own signature system.

When you go through this process, you instantly feel more confident because you have in front of you all the valuable transformation you deliver to your clients, and the exact result-oriented process you take them through. With this confidence, you will be able to state your fee and stand by it.

When a client hears that you have a “signature system”, it screams “expert” to them because they can see exactly how you are going to help them solve their problems and achieve their goals. They now have confidence in you that you will delivery what you promised. With their confidence in you, and knowing what they are paying for, your potential clients are more willing to pay a higher fee to work with an expert.

In this article, I have outlined a way most people do to create their own signature system – and it works well for most – particularly coaches and practitioners who know their processes well and frankly, tend to talk too much about their processes.

The above approach – writing down all the steps and then categorizing them – has its drawback:

  1. It is a bit navel-gazing – it’s the steps YOU want to take your clients through. It’s great that you are giving them what they need, but are you starting with what they want?
  2. If you are at the early stage of your biz and haven’t had the chance to refine your process by working with a good number of real-life ideal clients, chances are you can trim some fat and still get the same results. What you write down could be your “hypothesis” of what will work for your clients, some of which could be just your “wishful thinking” because you want to include a certain process in your work.

Of course it’s still a great exercise to go through. However, if you, like some of my coaching clients, have trouble with that process or want to go about it from a different angle, try this 3-step process to design an Airtight Marketable Signature System:

1. Know Your Ideal Client

Write down 3-5 bullets for each of these: your ideal clients’ biggest pain, hardest challenges and deepest desires that your offering can help them solve or achieve.

2. Layout Your Steps

Based on the bullets your wrote down in step 1, pick anywhere from 3-10 that pack the biggest punch for your ideal clients – these are the steps in your signature system.

  • Most “gurus” say odd numbers (3, 5,7,9) work better than even numbers. I don’t have researches or data to prove or disprove it. I have done both. Just an FYI.
  • You don’t have to necessarily call them “steps” if that feels too “linear” to you. For my clients, “3 Pillars”, “5 Principles” work well. However, I do like to use “steps” if you have more than 6 to imply some kind of order so your clients don’t feel overwhelmed (the confused mind says no).

3. Fill In the Blanks With Your Expertise

Under each “step”, add 3-5 bullet points – in action- and result-oriented wordings – to describe how your passion and expertise can help your clients achieve the outcome promised by the title of each step.

THIS IS THE SWEET SPOT where the “wants” of your ideal clients meet your expertise.

This system will help you clearly communicate what you can do for your ideal clients, and bring you people who let you do what you enjoy doing most for them. Sweeeet!


A robust, marketable signature system is just part of the big “Get More Clients” picture. Grab this FREE training to see the other 3 pillars to scoring more high-paying clients.

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