Decision. Commitment. Trust.

A while ago I made the DECISION and COMMITMENT to invest a 5-figure sum to work with my  coach. Of course, when I was faced with that decision, a lot of thoughts, feelings and emotions came up. At the end of the day, all the stories and excuses boiled down to “Do I trust myself that I can make this happen for me?

I knew I was done with hovering. I asked myself, if I decide to make this investment:

What’s the worst that can happen? – My bank account is going to be quite a bit leaner. Heck, it’s just numbers if it’s sitting there doing nothing.

What’s the best that can happen? – I am on track to having the business I really really want. I will have the lifestyle and the freedom I desire. I will be creating something I can call my own.

What is NOT going to happen? – I will not be second guessing myself 6 months from now – the shoulda’s coulda’s… the “I could be doing such and such by now…”. I will know that I have given it a shot and I have learned from the experience to bring me closer to my dream.

I jumped in. 2.5 months later I made my investment back, I have learned a ton and opened up a lucrative stream of income.


Are you done hovering? Is it time to build a business you can call your own? Have your say, let’s talk.

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