Day In Life Of Your Friendly Neighborhood 6-Fig Biz Coach

Jumperoo is easily one of the best baby inventions. I want to give it the Noble Peace Prize.

Jumperoo is easily one of the best baby inventions. I want to give it the Noble Peace Prize.

… is much less glam than you think.

With a 3.5-year-old and a 6.5-month-old (both sons!!), I smell like sour milk and feel very lucky if I don’t trip over toy cars on any given day.

{Activities in Italic are the ones that actually move the business forward}

05.45 – Mr. 6.5 mo thinks sleep is overrated. Wake up, want milk.

06.00 – Mr. 3.5 yo needs to use the potty. I look terrible in the bathroom mirror.

06.30 – Mr. 3.5 yo decides to invade parents’ bedroom with his iPad and Curious George.

07.00 – Mr. 6.5 mo wants to nurse, again.

07.15 – Decide sleep is a lost cause. Turn on audio to reprogram my subconscious mind (**this habit and the audio really rocked my world).

07.45 – Lose the fight. Get out of bed. Brush, wash, wake up. Decide something awesome is going to happen today.

08.00 – Because I decided something awesome is going to happen, sales start to come in. Meanwhile, chase down kid #1 to eat his breakfast and try to get kid #2 to keep the curry pea and banana goo in his mouth (he loves curry!). While I drink my lemon water with cayenne and honey.

08.30 – Get kid #1 dressed for school.

08.45 – Nurse kid #2 while responding to some emails related to client care (I know a lot of coaches say don’t look at email first thing, but I am on the west coast and I hate to keep my east coast peeps waiting).

09.45 – Walk to yoga class while listening to training program audio. I make a point of always learning new things.

11.50 – Come up with income-generating ideas in steam room, shower, look decent and get my brain into work mode.

12.30 – Walk home while listening to training program audio.

13.00 to 17.15 – WORK. Make sure I get the 3 C’s into my day – client care, product creation and campaign promotion. Make sure I am working smart and taking inspired actions that are aligned with my goals. Only interruptions allowed are: feeding kid #2, changing poopie diapers, making tea and going to the bathroom.

17.30 – Pick up kid #1, domestic chaos bliss starts. I have 90 minutes to feed both kids, cook dinner before bedtime routine begins.

Having an online business is easily one of the best things I have done. Now I am able to have a business that supports my ideal lifestyle, my desire to be present for my family at the same time pursuing my vision and realizing my potential.

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