How To Cure the Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

We all hope for that “silver bullet” that will solve all our problems. We chase after our tails, in circle, in the form of hiding behind training after training, hoping the new program we joined will deliver that secret sauce.

We have a tendency to not TRUST that we have it in us, that we just need that one little piece outside of us to complete the picture.

I too, suffer from the Bright Shiny Object Syndrome (BSOS). Particularly for business and marketing training programs. This hunger for “more” was great when I was starting my business, because I soaked up everything I could put my hands on, and it helped me get my business up and running in just a few short months.

However, as I gain more knowledge and tools under my belt, I found myself in a lot of “internal conflicts” when trying to decide whether to invest in a  program or training. Intuitively, I KNOW I know the stuff. But my logical mind would go on reading, curiosity stirred up by some well-crafted sales copy (leading me to think maybe I just don’t have that “one secret sauce”) and I would torment myself for days on whether to invest or not. Indecision is a huge time and energy drain.

This has been going on for a while, and thanks to a recent exchange with my coach, my BSOS came to light again and became a very illuminating experience that I want to share with you.

In the past week, a couple of business coaches I have been following launched some new trainings. They perked my interest and I looked through the sales pages. Part of me KNEW that there isn’t really anything earth-shattering about the materials – I have seen, heard and learned them in different shapes and sizes from various sources. Yet part of me still feel like there must be some secret sauce in there and I don’t want to miss out.

I reached out to my coach for support, and of course she got back to me with one question that just whacked me on my head – “what exactly are you looking for in these training that you don’t already know?”

Bam. I know all these stuff. It’s my lack of confidence. It’s the fear of missing out. These trainings are my way of “doing busy work” so I can hide behind more programs and avoid doing certain things that will really, truly break the mold for me.

I reflected back on my experience when investing in programs. For the two trainings that benefited me most, I recall vividly the “butterflies in the stomach” moment when I landed on the sales pages and within 10 seconds (even before finish reading the copy above the fold) I KNEW they were right for me. I resonated with the energy. I would go to bed asking the question and they would “appear” in my mind when I was in the “alpha brainwave state”.

One of these programs was a Money Mindset Coach Training. It has brought about a cascade of changes to my life – inwardly as much increased conscious awareness and outwardly as a leap in my revenue – and led me down the path of uncovering my truth about my work. I also integrated this method into my coaching programs, and it has created deep changes in all my clients’ lives.

I also invested in another program that was supposed to give me more “coaching tools” – I didn’t get that “hell yeah!” feeling when I looked at the sales page. Yet I invested because I thought I didn’t know enough. I invested because the program was offered by a popular coach and I didn’t want to miss out. I did learned something, but yet had to fully integrate the knowledge to help myself nor my clients.

I am not to say that I have all the knowledge in the world. Far from that. There is always something new to learn, and I am all for it. The key is, tap into your true KNOWING to cut through the noise and invest in the right tools and trainings.

When you encounter BSOS, tapping into your KNOWING can help you make a choice that serves you best.

Be mindful of your fear – the fear of not enough, the fear of not knowing enough, the fear of not having enough tools. The fear of missing out.

Don’t let “I just need to know this one more thing/get this certification” to become an excuse of not taking actions that will grow your business. Don’t hide behind a training just to look busy to avoid facing your fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, or fear of being judged – because you put yourself out there..

TRUST – trust your intuition. TRUST that you KNOW more than you realize.

After writing many sales pages, I realize that when I put 100% love, energy, excitement and attention into the copy and the content is aligned with my purpose, the product sells like hotcake. I believe my readers can sense the positive energy through my words. And I believe that I felt the same resonance in energy through the sales pages of those two programs that have been most impactful for me. (I know it sounds a bit woo-woo, but indulge me)

While tapping into your intuition, here are a few criteria you can use to evaluate a product, program or training – to keep your “logical” monkey mind busy:

  • Will I gain new tools and skills that I can seamlessly integrate into my current offerings? It means the approach is aligned with your message and the results delivered by these new tools are in line with the results you promise to deliver to your clients. You do not want to change your offering or dilute your message just because you have paid the money to learn a “tool”. You will just sound like a “jack of all trades.”
  • If it is some new marketing strategy/tactics/tools – ask if this will create immediate revenue (e.g. within the next 3 months)? Or, would it meet other major goals (e.g. increase visibility)? For instance, let’s say there is a training on publishing on Kindle. If your immediate goal is to generate significant cash flow, you would better off spending the time and money on getting high-paying new clients. If your big project is to increase visibility and boost your expert status, this may be a good investment.

Ask your GUTS – where do I want to GO?

Getting clear is the first step to build a business that loves you back. If you are ready to Get Clear and Get Into Action, the 4-Week “Clarity To Action Track” can be your ticket to soar.

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