Corporate Wellness Power Pack

Establishing a relationship with corporations and providing corporate wellness programs can create a consistent stream of income for your health and wellness coaching business.

Most corporate wellness workshop providers can charge $300 – $500 per workshop – and most don’t stop with one! This Corporate Wellness Power Pack will give you ideas to put together a year-round workshop series that will help you establish yourself as the go-to wellness workshop presenter for a company.

Moreover, you will be exposed to potential private clients who are willing to further engage your services (stressed out executives who value the importance of health but don’t have time to sort through all the wellness information out there, and need help with integrating healthy habits into their busy lives… anyone?)

With this Corporate Wellness Power Pack, you will have the tools to get you into the door and start rocking it.


See What’s Possible…

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 4.53.38 PM“I had been putting off any group events until a corporate client found me and needed a workshop for their upcoming event! I was still working part time at another job so I didn’t have much time. Ling to the rescue! Her workshop template was extremely helpful and gave me the confidence I needed for my first event. I have since used her corporate proposal to land more group clients. Thanks Ling! You have been an awesome resource!”
~ Kim Pellitteri, CHHC,

You will get as part of the package:

Ready-To-Go Proposal for Corporate Wellness Programs

This 14+ page proposal (and one of our best-selling!) covers workshops and programs that you can pitch to corporations. You just need to fill in your company name, the corporation’s name, and a few details about you and your signature program (they are even highlighted in a different color so you won’t miss a thing!). All content is geared towards how your services can benefit the company, improve employees’ productivities and reduce absenteeism.

The proposal includes:

  • Cover letter
  • Introduction and benefits of employee health education
  • About your company/you
  • Workshops – detail descriptions (i.e. benefits for the company) for staying healthy in the workplace, sugar, energy and detox workshops are included.
  • Small group coaching – benefits and format
  • One-on-One Private Coaching – benefits and format
  • Additional Services – 5 more ideas that you can add to your offerings

Learn more about this proposal here.


Monthly Newsletter Pack

Content for 12 monthly newsletters on seasonal topics, targeting health challenges faced by corporate employees. Also comes with recommendations on relevant workshops or programs to promote in conjunction with the content.

You can provide your corporate clients with newsletter subscription as a fee-based service – a great low-ticket entry point to try out your services without having to jump through bureaucratic budget hoops; Or, you can provide potential corporate clients with a free newsletter that they can share with their employees as a way to grow the “like, know and trust” factor and establish a relationship.

Topics covered include:

  • 5 Simple Strategies to Achieving Your New Year Resolution
  • 3 Ways to Kick Your Sugar Habit
  • Spring Cleanse! 5 Tips to Reduce Your Toxic Load
  • 6 Ways to Use Nutritional Approach to Alleviate Stress
  • Top 10 Weight Gain Traps to Avoid
  • 3 Principles to Boost Your Energy and Productivity with Proper Nutrition
  • Deciphering Food Labels
  • 3 Principles to Keep Your Digestive System Running Smoothly
  • 6 Simple Ways Nutrition Helps Regulate Mood
  • Is Your Effort to Eat Healthy Sabotaged by Your Cravings?
  • 5 Healthy Eating Tips for Surviving the Holidays
  • Battle Holiday Weight Gain with Mindful Eating

View sample content.


Email Newsletter Template

This template (PDF format) shows you elements that you can include in your corporate wellness newsletter to help promote your services and introduce your company to employers and employees.


Article on Corporate Wellness Benefits

A done-for-you article that you can put on your website or print out for your “press kit”. It covers the following:

  • Primary health costs
  • Non-medical costs of unhealthy lifestyle
  • Summary of economic return studies of worksite wellness programs
  • Benefits of corporate wellness programs to employers, employees and the community
  • Facts and numbers showing major savings as a result of corporate wellness programs


Done-For-You Workshop Presentations

You will get three of our most popular done-for-you workshop presentations. The newsletter pack provides you with content to tie in with these workshop topics, helping you make your promotional effort that much more effective (we like content marketing here)!

Kick Your Sugar Habit Workshop Presentation

This presentation focuses on underlying physiological and emotional reasons behind sugar cravings, and practical action steps to help the audience take control over their sugar cravings. A great lead in to sell your Energy Class and your Detox Class or program.

View sample slides.

Secrets to the Last 5 Pounds Weight Management Workshop Presentation

This presentation targets those who are frustrated with dieting and failing, and show them the secrets to losing the last 5 or 10 pounds with lasting changes.

View sample slides.

Nutrition For Energy Workshop Presentation

This presentation builds on 3 basic principles to help increase energy and vitality. The materials provide a great way to introduce your sugar class or your detox program to the audience.

View sample slides.

Total retail value of the Corporate Wellness Power Pack is over $370!

Your investment to start your corporate wellness venture is only $279 (25% off!)


Got your eyes on the Monthly Newsletter Pack alone?

Get it for $109:

If you have recently purchased the Ready-to-Go Corporate Wellness Proposal and want to “upgrade” to the Power Pack, forward your receipt to within 2 weeks of your purchase and you only need to pay the difference in price to get the whole enchilada.


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