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Use the Slideberry done-for-you content for blog posts, newsletter articles, or break them up into bite size chunks for tweets…

  1. Create blog post using the done-for-you content
  2. Use the first 2 – 3 paragraphs in your newsletter, and then link back to the post for additional tips, and invite reader to leave a comment (aim is to drive traffic to your site)
  3. Tweet the blog post
  4. Post link to blog post on Facebook page
  5. Post link to blog post on Linked In
  6. Put a few blog posts together and create an article for magazines or websites as expert contributor
  7. Use sharing blog post as a lead in to your programs and products

… also great as handouts for your workshops, classes and programs (you can ask free workshop attendees to provide you with email address in exchange for bonus handouts emailed to them as PDFs… and don’t forget to add them to you list!)

Each package contains 5 articles, perfect length for blog posts and newsletter articles.

Read more on how to use these articles effectively and integrate content into your marketing plan.

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Or, grab these individual content packages to suit your needs:

Kick Your Cravings

  • What’s Wrong with Sugar? (Health impact, addictive)
  • Sugar Cravings Root Cause Part 1  (Yin/Yang Imbalance)
  • Sugar Cravings Root Cause Part 2  (Energy Quick Fix and Dehydration)
  • Sugar Cravings Root Cause Part 3  (Nutrient Deficiency and Low Protein Intake)
  • Food Cravings and What They Mean (Nutrient deficiency and cravings for foods besides sugar – e.g. oily, salty, acidic etc.)

Get all of these articles for just $19!

Weight Loss Part 1

  • Dangers of Restrictive Diet Programs
  • Top 10 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain
  • Instant Flat Belly Tip #1 – Ban Bloat
  • Instant Flat Belly Tip #2 – Reduce Fluid Retention
  • Instant Flat Belly Tip #3 – Facilitate Elimination

Get all of these articles for just $19!

Weight Loss Part 2

  • Diets Don’t Work
  • Beat Cravings
  • Waste = Weight
  • Stress Management (how cortisol causes weight gain)
  • Medical Conditions and Weight Gain

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Dairy Good to Know

  • What Dairy May be Doing to Our Bodies (allergies, sinus problems, hormones and antibiotics)
  • The Problems with Commercial Dairy Products
  • Building Strong Bones Without Relying on Dairy
  • Protein Sources for Vegetarians Who Want to Reduce Dairy
  • Dairy Alternatives (including precautions about soy)

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Deciphering Food Labels

(excellent materials to promote/launch or use as handouts for grocery store tours!)

  • What’s on the box? Beware of Front Label Tease
  • Top 6 Criteria When Reading Ingredient List
  • Trans Fat
  • The Many Names of Sugar
  • Artificial Sweeteners

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Detox Basics

(perfect content for generating awareness, and platform to introduce your cleanse programs)

  • Detox – Why Should I Care? (facts on how much toxins we are exposed to)
  • Sources of Environmental Toxins, and how harmful they are
  • Symptoms of Toxicity
  • 5 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Toxic Exposure
  • How to Detox Safely (for you to showcase that your cleanse program is good stuff)

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Digestive Wellness

  • Keep Your Digestive Tract Running Smoothly (Detoxification, Probiotics, Alkalinizing foods)
  • Natural Ways to Facilitate Elimination
  • Relieve Gas Safely and Effectively
  • Relieve Heartburn Naturally
  • Indigestion and Poor Digestion

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Nutrition For Energy

  • 5 Tips to Eating For Sustained Energy
  • Less Sugar, More Energy (5 strategies to reduce sugar cravings)
  • Boost Your Energy By Caring For Your Nervous System
  • Less Toxins, More Energy (5 tips to reduce toxic load)
  • Boost Your Energy With Foods For the Soul

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Food-Mood Connection

  • Mood Swings – Nutritionally Related Trigger #1 – Hypoglycemia
  • Mood Swings – Nutritionally Related Trigger #2 – Gluten Intolerance
  • Mood Swings – Nutritionally Related Trigger #3 – Neurotransmitter Dysfunction
  • 6 Simple Ways Nutrition Help Regular Mood
  • Hormonal Balance and Mood (PMS)

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Food Sensitivity

  • Food Allergy vs. Food Intolerance
  • Diagnosing Food Sensitivity
  • Leaky Gut and Food Allergies (including tips to  protect and heal the digestive tract)
  • Lactose Intolerance and Dairy Alternatives (include caution about soy)
  • Gluten Sensitivity

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Hormonal Balance

  • Thyroid Health
  • Adrenal Health
  • Balancing Sex Hormones
  • Environmental Toxins and Hormonal Imbalance
  • Hormone-Balancing Herbs and Diet

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Strengthen Immune System

  • Why Winter is the “Cold & Flu” Season
  • Nutrition for Strong Immune System
  • Immunity-Boosting Foods
  • Using Herbs to Boost Immunity an Fight Infection
  • Gut Health and the Immune System

Stress Management

  • What’s Wrong with Chronic Stress
  • Use Nutrition and Herbs to Alleviate Stress
  • More Rest Less Stress (dealing with insomnia)
  • Physical Stress – Are Your Over-Training?
  • Relaxation Techniques

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Healthy Skin

  • Causes of Skin Issues
  • Top 5 Tips to Reduce Acne
  • Bye Bye Dry Skin
  • Lifestyle and Dietary Changes to Support Healthy Skin
  • Top 10 Skin Foods

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Bone Health

  • Dairy May Not be the Solution to Strong Bones
  • Nutrients For Healthy Bones
  • Dietary Approach to Strong Bones
  • Gut-Healing Bone Broth Recipe
  • Exercise and Bone Health

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Drug-Free Ways to Relieve Common (Pregnancy) Discomfort

Although titles and intro paragraphs may be addressed to a prenatal audience, the tips and content are applicable to a general audience as holistic ways to relieve some general health concerns. Just tweak the intro to address your target.

  • Nutritional Support to Relieve Constipation
  • Mommy Brain? “Smart” Nutrients to Help You Stay Sharp
  • Nutritional Support for Relieving Mood Swings
  • Eat Right to Beat Fatigue
  • Nutritional Support to Relieve Swelling

Get all of these articles for just $19!

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“After graduating from IIN a few years ago, I kind of lost my way in regards to building my health coaching practice and I really needed a kick start to get me going again. Ling’s articles and blog content really helped me by providing concise, accurate content at a great price that helps me concentrate on my clients rather than coming up with and put together content. Now I can focus on putting things into action rather than on how I am going to find the time to write articles and other programs.”

– Michelle Tolleson, CHC, Tolleson Health

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