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Your “Everything But the Kitchen Sink” Marketing System In A Box

Want to Boost Your Income With a Group Program? Here’s a Perfect Topic For Moms, Family, Corporations, Busy Professionals… and More!

Who doesn’t want more energy, be more productive at work, get the kids to perform better at school, have energy to “take care of everything” then have juice left to pursue their passions…

When you say you’ve got a fab new program that will help them…

Boost Mental Clarity, Improve Concentration & Productivity, Zap Brain Fog and Increase Physical Stamina in 4 Weeks (or Less!)

They’re going to say “SIGN ME UP!”

Don’t waste time wondering what to offer next or how to market and fill it so you can grow your business fast and with ease…here is your

Your Sales Funnel On a Silver Platter

You have been told that a group program…

  • Allows you to serve more people.
  • Helps you attract more clients who are not ready for a higher investment.
  • Allows you to leverage your time.

All true. Here is what you may not know:

  • The content bit counts for only half of what it takes for a group program to be successful.
  • To fully leverage the group program for your biz, you need smart strategies and careful orchestration so your program launch and delivery feeds into all levels of your sales funnel and contributes to a robust business model.
  • How to price and package your offering to make it truly high-value and irresistible.

Do you have time to waste, energy to spare, or room for lost income and heartache caused by a launch that flops? I didn’t think so. If you don’t have these key pieces in place, your program launch is a shot in the dark.

You get the word out there, you may get a few people, you may hear crickets. It may be a blip on your business radar, a flash in the pan. You don’t know.

And frankly, launching a “group” program with two people signed up sucks. It makes you question if you are in the right business, if you have it in you to “make it”, if people really want your stuff, if you are “worth it”…

If you are ready to make your group program not only a success in and of itself, but also contribute to your entire sales funnel and lead to more income down the road – you are in the right place.

From Group Program To Private Client :: The Complete Client Generation System

I am giving you the entire system, with all the content ready-to-roll and the launch sequence clearly set up so you can take the guesswork out of the whole process. This system is going to save your months of confusion, experimentation, trial-and-error and content creation, not to mention hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to learn the bits and pieces from various training programs {{ after which, you still have to do the work, dammit! }}

You will be able to use the pre-written marketing and program materials right off the bat. You will also be learning as you implement (and make money!) so next time you are ready to for a sequel, you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

It is truly a system that keeps on givinglather, rinse, improve, repeat! The “group program” content is the core of the system, but it’s only part of the story. With this system, the launch and delivery of this program is going to feed into at least 3 other critical areas of your business model, so you will keep making money before, during and after:

  • Grow your list with potential clients – some may buy from you this time, but more will buy from you in the future.
  • Boost the sales and visibility of your information products – passive income, anyone?
  • Fast track the “like know and trust” factor, graduate participants to your high-end programs like gangbuster.

Did I get your attention? Want to see how a group program can hand you your sales funnel on a silver platter? Read this blog post to get super inspired, and then come back here to grab your kit.

A Versatile Topic That Plugs Right Into Your Market

A preview call and a group program is a good opportunity to cast a wide net so you can get through to your ideal clients. With that in mind, I have selected a very versatile and adaptable topic that you can customize to speak to your target market:

Boost Mental Clarity, Improve Concentration & Productivity, Zap Brain Fog and Increase Physical Stamina in 4 Weeks (or Less!)

Whether you work with busy professionals, moms, older adults, teens, men, women and anything in-between, everyone can use more energy and mental clarity to improve their lives and happiness!

The materials can be easily adapted to meet the needs of your audience – in the pre-written marketing copy, I have included prompts and instructions to show you exactly how to customize your marketing copy (with Done-For-You content targeted to three popular demographic segments ready to go) so your offering is irresistible to YOUR target market.

With this juicy bundle, you get more than $850 worth of materials for a song…

{{and you have two yummy options to choose from!}}


You Get ALL Of These…

DONE-FOR-YOU Nutrition For Energy Articles Pack ($19 retail value)

5 Done-For-You articles you can use to “drip content” and boost your expert status, leading up to the launch.

PRE-WRITTEN Launch Call Sign Up Page Copy ($39 value)

Just saying “free call” doesn’t cut it anymore. This promo copy will get your ideal clients sign up and look forward to the call.

PRE-WRITTEN Launch Call Reminder Email Template ($39 value)

Make sure your peeps show up! My secret sauce for getting more people on the call live and stick around (= they will actually listen to your call and learn about your program!)

DONE-FOR-YOU Launch Call Outline ($89 value)

Carefully orchestrated to help you successfully build connection with your peeps, show your expertise without giving away the farm, and introduce your upcoming program without turning the call into one big infomercial (eeeewe!) Use it for a teleseminar, or as talking points for an in-person workshop.

PRE-WRITTEN 3-Email Follow Up Sequence ($49 value)

The launch call is just the beginning, money is in the follow up!

PRE-WRITTEN Group Program Sales Page Copy ($119 value)

  • Done-For-You copy plus detailed prompts and instruction to help you customize your content to your target market.
  • You get all the critical elements essential for kick-butt sales page.
  • Including pre-written sample content for 3 popular demographic segments to help you whip up a customized sales page in no time!
Click on image to see more sample slides and outline of weekly class

Click on image to see more sample slides and outline of weekly class

[4] DONE-FOR-YOU PowerPoint Presentations ($229 value)

  • One for each week of the program with the entire class sequence carefully orchestrated so you don’t even have to worry what to say to start and finish the class.
  • Use these completely editable and customizable presentations for live classes, webinars or as talking points for your teleseminars.
  • Besides kick-butt content (with additional resource and info in the notes section for images and geeking out!), these slides are carefully orchestrated to help you run an interactive program.
  • You will get prompts, tips and ideas to upsell your info products, programs and services on topics such as kicking sugar, stress management and detox.
  • I will show you how to reinforce the value of your program so at the end of this 4 weeks, your peeps will be clamoring for a discovery session with you – which means you have the opportunity to work with them in your high-end programs!

[7] DONE-FOR-YOU Handouts ($139 value)

Add value to your program with Done-For-You templates and informative handouts to encourage implementations that leads to results.

Total value of all these materials exceeds $710!

But wait, we are not done yet…

bonus time

You see, I don’t pile up on bonuses just to make the package look impressive so I can charge you a load of money. These bonuses are carefully selected to contribute to you making the most out of launching a group program:

Bonus #1 :: Done-For-You Recipes Collection From Tammi Hoerner ($59 value)

Tammi is creating a recipe collection based on her 52-week meal plan exclusively for you when you purchase this package. The recipes are carefully selected to match the topics in the program, so your clients can implement and get results without having to worry “what’s for dinner”

Bonus #2 :: Special Discount On Our Done-For-You Programs  (up to $78 value)

I have mentioned a few times how you can use the group program to increase the sales and visibility of your information products. In case you don’t have one or two, I am going to make it easy for you. I have included in this bundle a coupon code to get 20% discount on any of our Done-For-You Program. And you can get as many as you want!

To save you the trouble of whipping out the calculator:

The Total Value of the Entire Package Exceeds $850

But you are paying NOTHING close to that…


For JUST $297, you get over $850 worth of awesomeness to help you launch your group program
and practically hand you your sales funnel on a silver platter.

Complete Client Generation System for JUST $297!

psst… this means you will make the investment back with just ONE client!

But we are NOT DONE!

Get this juiced-up “DONE WITH YOU” upgrade for some extra TLC:

Besides all of the $850 worth of goodness in the “Done-For-You” package, you also get:

[1] Private Coaching Session With Yours Truly ($200 value)

In this 50-minute power session, we will customize the materials of this package to your business. What we may cover include:

  • Position your program so your ideal clients will whip out their credit cards
  • Price and package your program to make it truly IRRESISTIBLE and PROFITABLE
  • Whip your sales page in shape
  • Create a launch plan for your program
  • Make sure you are well-prepared for the next step – getting participants to join your high-end programs.
  • Really, anything that will help you most…

Pricing Strategies Guide ($49 value)

  • Learn the two main factors that affect the pricing of your package, and how you can dial them up to increase the value of your program.
  • How to boost your program’s perceived value without piling on the content and creating more work for yourself.
  • Get down with the numbers and make sure they make sense for you so you can have a program investment that feels good to you.

Discovery Session Script ($89 value)

(I say $89 value, but think about it, you will be getting loads of clients from this for years to come, so really, it’s priceless!)

  • A discovery/breakthrough/strategy (whatever you want to call it) session is the opportunity to connect with your clients 1:1 and get them into your high-end programs.
  • Every little element in this conversation can make or break the success of your session – none of which should be left to chance.
  • Besides showing you the each element and how they fit into the conversation, I will show you the magical “essence” behind my “converting like gangbuster” discovery sessions.
  • BUT, knowing what to say is only half the story. I will show you my secret sauce – how to put the right energy behind your session – to supercharge your success rate!

The Total Value of the Entire Package Is More than $1,180

But I want to make it a no-brainer for you so you jump on and take action.


For JUST $397, you get the whole program “DONE-FOR-YOU” + “DONE-WITH YOU”

Here is the deal – there is only one me. Due to the private coaching component of this “Done-With-You” package,
there may be a “line”… the sooner you grab yours, the sooner you get me!

Souped-Up Done-With-Me For JUST $397


Happy Peeps Are Sayin’…

“Slideberry allowed me to have programs that were more professional and easily marketed within a reasonable amount of time. By using the Done-For-You [materials] I am more comfortable offering multiple programs, workshops etc. It allows me to progress and expand and takes some of the work out of it. It takes a long time to set up your business and put together content. I am working out of space at a Chiropractors office and this let me have programs and services to offer right off the bat.” ~ Kelly Fleckenstein, Green Fields Health and Wellness

~ Andrea Burke, CHHC, Health Girl Glow

“I have purchased several of Slideberry’s Done-For-You Programs and have been pleased with how easy it is to make them my own. The content is in depth, but clear.  [They have] made it so easy for me to jump right in and start advertising my program to clients. I’m sure it would have taken me weeks to do the research without Ling’s help. Thank you for making my life a little easier Ling!” ~ Teri Whitchurch, AADP, HHC, CNC, CHEF, CMT, CPT, LE, LM.

“I have purchased a few of slideberry’s done-for-you products, including the List Engagement System. I am very happy with the materials. They provide practical information, are easy to follow and a breeze to edit and customize. I also like how the content is used, as well as Ling’s writing style.” ~ Sherry Berry, Holistic Wellness Coach,


If, for any reason, you don’t think this Group Program Marketing System serves your needs, email your receipt to within 7 days of your purchase, and a full refund in the form of slideberry store credit will be issued to you (can be used on any done-for-you material and how-to guide). No question, no hassle, no quibble.


Get your sales funnel on a silver platter:

Complete Client Generation System for JUST $297!

Souped-Up Done-With-Me for JUST $397


Got Q’s? Get your A’s:

p.s. I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to learn, implement and experiment on product/program launch and sales psychology (Geek confession moment: I love writing sales pages!) – now you don’t have to! I have distilled all these materials from a variety of sources into practical strategies and DONE-FOR-YOU materials so you can implement, MAKE MONEY and LEARN at the same time. TIME and $$$ SAVED for you!

p.p.s. This package is such a ridiculously good deal – you can make your investment back with just ONE client! (But hey, you will get more.) Here is a BONUS TIP: you can record all the live calls, package them up and make this an info product to create passive income – imagine the possibilities!

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