Is Your Coaching Program Heirloom Kale?

The other day I picked up a couple bunches of heirloom kale from the farmer’s market. I decided to give it a try because it’s got a fancy name. I *think* it tasted better (like, more kale-y)… or maybe I gave it more care when I cooked it.

So, what does it gotta do with your coaching programs?

(1) Attention Grabbing

The sign “Heirloom Kale” caught my attention (I am a kale chip fan) – that’s what made me walked over to the stall and took a look at those beautiful leaves. Does your coaching program have a title that speaks to your ideal clients and grab their attention so they will spend a few minutes to look at what you have to say?

(2) Premium Positioning, With a Price Tag To Match

“Heirloom” screams special, extra-tasty, high-quality, good stuff. And it has the price tag to match that reflects the demand and the premium quality. You can of course create a business model with a variety of price points at which people can engage you, however, when it comes to your high-end program, you want to make sure your clients perceive it as such. If the kale doesn’t cost more than the “regular” kale, they can call it whatever they like but still the product won’t come across as “premium”.

Pricing that align with your value and standing by your fee is critical in positioning your program – this requires work on your money mindset so you can have solid boundary and an empowered voice. You also want to make sure your potential client perceives the program as “exactly what I need!” – the more you make her feel special and taken care of, the more likely she is willing to pay you.

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(3) Higher Price = Better Results

I paid more for the kale, so I put more care into the preparation and was more mindful when I ate them. When your clients pay more for your program, they are committed – they listen up, follow the recommendations and do the work. They pay attention to the results too – which means glowing testimonials and word of mouth goodness.


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