How To Master Your Website Even If You Are Not “Tech-ie”

This latest Business Soulwork blog post appears on our sister site – read it here.

Why Website Redesign Is Scaring the Crap Out Of Me (The Reason May Surprise You!)

So far, September has been a very busy month. Besides the Free “Create a Lucrative Ripple Effect” video training series, Legoland and kiddo’s b-day, I also got invited (within a span of 2 days!) to contribute content to 4 websites based on the new “Business Soulwork” direction I am pioneering. (Holy crap – this thing is […]

{{ Expert Hangout }} Irresistible Website Essentials With Jess Webb

June Gloom is hitting the always sunny Santa Monica. But it doesn’t mean you need to feel sad about your website! I just had an awesome interview with my biz girlfriend Jess Webb, who is the Web-Marketing Goddess Extraordinaire. Watch this video to see us geek out on: What the biggest mistake entrepreneurs are making […]

What You Need To Know When Hiring Your “Web Guy”

I know many coaches and practitioners who had bad experience when they work with some “web guy” to develop their websites. Most of the frustrations evolve around taking much longer than initially estimated, being charged way more than the initial quote, certain functionalities not working as expected (and not being fixed without further charges), or the developer holding […]

5 Ways To Monetize Your Blog For Your Health Coaching Business

Everybody and her aunt Lucy have a blog. You have been told you NEED a blog on your website. True, -ish, a blog can help you: Improve SEO ranking (google loves fresh content) Drive traffic to your website (e.g. you can promote your fresh content on social media so you are not a one-trick pony) […]

How To Write a Client-Attracting Homepage For Your Health Coach Website

If your homepage does not tell your ideal clients that they are in the right place and you have the exact solution they need for their challenges right away, you lose them – plain and simple – their eyes glaze over and they click away. Two things your need to know about your homepage’s content: […]

Get More Clients :: Make Your Website a Lead Magnet

This is old news, but I still see many people not doing it so I have to say it again, again and again. Just having a little box that whispers, “sign up for our newsletter” somewhere below the fold is not going to do you much. Who wants to get one more thing to jam […]

4 Tips To Structure an Income-Generating Website

When done right, your website navigation can reflect your brand, give visitors an overall view of your offerings, steer them to learn more about your services and purchase from you. When designing your navigation, ask “how is this directing people to the ‘Buy Now’ button?” Here are a few tips you can use to effectively […]

6 Ways To Showcase Your LOCAL Expert Status On Your Website

When I conduct any consultation, the first questions I ask are about my clients’ business model, how they want to work with clients and what do they want their businesses to do FOR them. Some of my clients realize that they enjoy working with people in their communities through in-person coaching. This doesn’t mean that […]

Turn Your Traffic Into Income

With all the talks about SEO, PPC, and new social media platforms that seem to be popping up everyday, it is easy to suffer from the “shiny object syndrome”. One important function these tactics and platforms serve is to drive traffic to your website. If you want to see ROI on your effort in the […]

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