Are You Missing This One Thing In Your Compelling Story?

I have seen quite a few well-crafted bios that tells a compelling story, serving the purpose of connecting the health coach/wellness practitioner with the audience. I do find one thing that is often missing – after the compelling story, the practitioner’s credentials and trainings are just simply slabbed at the end of the story, like an afterthought, […]

8 Questions To Find Out What Your Target Market Wants

Whether you are developing your marketing materials, an information product, or a coaching program, the most important thing is to find out what your target market wants so that your product/service provides the solution and you sales copy grab their attention, speak to their desires and convince them that your products/services are exactly what they […]

Find Your Expert Sweet Spot – what does the fact that “I am not a tech whiz” mean for your coaching business?

I am totally upfront and transparent about this – I help folks with some tech stuff for their website, but I am not a tech whiz by any stretch. I cannot code my way out of a box – besides some basic html – and frankly I have no desire to go that direction because […]

Find Your Brilliance = More Ease, More Confidence

Finding your brilliance – understanding what you do best with most grace and ease – is not just a navel-gazing, patting yourself on the back kind of activity. It can help both your marketing effort and in how you see yourself and your business. Sounds simple, but some people have the limting belief that if something […]

No Target Market? You Have 3 Problems.

I know, target market is not news, and you have probably heard it  many, many times. At least that’s what I thought, until I encounter more and more clients who are over a year into establishing their practice and are still unclear who their target markets are. If you have not decided on a target […]

Claiming Your Expertise – “Results Experts”

“Results Experts” are the ones who gives advise based on “been there, done that”. Remember, in many areas of life, you have come further along than a lot of people, and these folks are willing to pay for your knowledge to shorten their learning curve. Why spend 5 more years struggling with sugar addiction if […]

Is Your Target Market Viable?

I was corresponding with Stephanie Pollock, a brand marketing coach that I am working with, about the topic of market viability. Here are a few things that you can consider when you are accessing whether your target market is viable. Is there competition? Competition is always a good indicator that the market is viable – […]

Do You Have a Lucrative Target Market?

One of my Get Out There Make It Big Success Circle member asked me about her choice of target market today. It’s truly a million dollar question, and I definitely don’t claim to have all the answers. Here is my 2 cents on a Saturday afternoon… Is a Target Market Viable? The easy way to find out […]

Three Things You Want To Know About Your Ideal Client

Question #1: What are some of the major problems your ideal client has that your product or service solves? Question #2: Why would your ideal client NOT want to do business with you? (What are their objections?) Question #3: Where can you reach your ideal client? (Magazines or newspapers they read, websites or discussion boards they visit, mailing or […]

10 Questions for Creating Your Ideal Client Profile

Use these questions to create a profile for your ideal client. When you create your marketing copy, imagine you are talking to her and addressing her needs. What is keeping her up at night (as related to your service)? What is she mad at? Who does she blame for things that are not going well/lack of success […]

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