How To Turn Your Expertise From “Meh” To “YEAH!” (No, you don’t need more alphabets behind your name)

Your People + Their Problems + Your Super Power = Your Sweet Spot Some business coaches would “ding” your “sweet spot” if it’s not something people want to pay to solve yesterday at first glance, and advise you to (or make you) “find something else”. What if it doesn’t have to be that way? What […]

4 Pillars To CONFIDENTLY Get Paid What You Want

You KNOW you are awesome and bring exceptional transformation to your clients – worth every single penny and a lot more – yet you come up against a lot of resistance when it comes to raising your fees. In fact, you have been saying (and been told numerous times) you need to charge more… yet […]

Do You Have a “Not-So-Sexy” Expertise? How to Get More Potential Clients In the Door

If your expertise is not something that people would feel the urgency to solve yesterday, you may have a harder time getting people in the door. Good news – you don’t have to change your expertise or the way you work. Brainstorm a few “sexy” topics that are related to your area of expertise – […]

How To Expand Your Reach + Get More Clients Without Changing Your Niche

Let’s say you are an expert in gluten-free lifestyle. And your sales message is “gluten-free diet”. Who needs your service? Let’s image this pool of 100 people who are intolerance to gluten. BUT, not all 100 of them are aware that they are intolerant to gluten. So let’s say 30 of them are aware. Now, […]

Delight Your Clients and Set Yourself Up For Success

A little holiday message, a big thank you, and a little secret to delighting your clients… Asking your clients what they want so that you can provide the products and services to meet their needs is the best way to set your business up for success. Not only will your clients feel that they are […]

Create More Demand; Get More Clients

Increase demand for your services by simply taking a look at your positioning. You can get more clients without having to add more products, programs or services, without having to add more letters behind your name, and without having to change anything about your target market. In fact, if you go through this exercise, you […]

Stand Out with Your Big Idea

I came across a discussion today about thriving in an increasingly crowded marketplace of health and wellness coaches today. To distinguish yourself from the crowd, you need to know why you and your offerings are unique and position it as such – that is your “Unique Selling Proposition”. You also want to find your “Big […]

3 Tips to Creating a Compelling Story that Connects You with Your Target Audience (and sells your offerings)

Sharing a story that is relevant to your target market and the problems that they are trying to solve is a powerful way to connect with them, resonate with them at a deeper, more personal and emotional level, and build relationship. Your story is what makes you unique to your target market. As a health coach, your […]

Connect with Your Market :: 7 Questions to Crafting a Killer Bio

The content in the About page of your website is the chance for you to connect with your audience on a personal, emotional level. People buy with emotions, so it’s important that they see more than what you can deliver to them as a health and wellness practitioner. They need to resonate with you, your […]

Distinguish Yourself From the Pack :: Find Your Unique Selling Proposition

Your unique selling proposition, or USP, shows how you are different from your competitors. It tells your target market why they have to buy from you, instead of from your competitors or doing nothing at all. This is an integral part in creating a solid foundation for your marketing communication, so that you are clear about […]

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