Beyond “Testimonials” – Brag Your Way To More Clients

Social proof is a great way to help you sell your products and services. Your potential clients want to be reassured that others (especially “people like them”) are getting awesome results with your services. They want to see that other people are “doing it” as well. Social proof is way more convincing than you saying […]

How To Maximize Your Content Marketing Effort Without Having To Write All Day

You probably understand the power of content marketing – it helps you build relationship with your community (the “like know and trust” factor), boosts your expert status, increases your exposure and visibility, drives traffic to your website and is an integral part of a well-designed program or product launch.  However, the challenge many people face is […]

3 Ways To Get More Clients On LinkedIn (Less Than 15 Minutes A Day)

If you are not “sure” about LinkedIn, read this last post in which I shared why you want to be on LinkedIn, and how to find your ideal clients there. There are many ways to use LinkedIn to make valuable connections and attract your ideal clients. These 3 that are pretty easy to implement, and […]

How To Find Your Ideal Health Coaching Clients On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great social media platform for connecting with your target market if they tend to be working in the corporate world, are professionals or in the employee-related line of work. It allows you to share your content, establish your “expert” status and find potential JV partners.   Why LinkedIn? The user demographic of […]

The Fastest Way to Make Graphic Text For Your Blog & Social Media Posts

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

5 Ways To Monetize Your Blog For Your Health Coaching Business

Everybody and her aunt Lucy have a blog. You have been told you NEED a blog on your website. True, -ish, a blog can help you: Improve SEO ranking (google loves fresh content) Drive traffic to your website (e.g. you can promote your fresh content on social media so you are not a one-trick pony) […]

Make a Custom Facebook Fan Page Tab Image – 10 Minutes, $0

You have a Facebook Fan page, and you even have your email sign up hooked up to a tab… awesome! BUT, you don’t like how the tab image looks- generic picture from your newsletter service provider. You know you can do something better – like, actually call out your free gift to entice sign up! […]

Start Video Marketing Today Without Fancy Equipment (a.k.a. Imperfect Action vs Perfect Inaction)

I started using video to share ideas a couple of months ago. I decided that instead of waiting to have all the tools and equipement, waiting for my 4-month-old son to give me 45 minutes to set it all up, waiting to find a piece of wall without  my 3-year-old’s stickers, or a patch of […]

Create Text Graphics for Pinterest – the Fast, Easy and $0 Way

If you want to share a quote or a piece of health tip on Pinterest, you can put the text into a graphic (in .jpg format), making it “pinnable”. Of course you can do it the deluxe way with Photoshop or InDesign and be a control freak about every little detail. But you don’t have […]

5 Blogging Strategies to Grow Your Biz

Blogging gives you a great opportunity to present yourself and your brand in an authentic and personable way, and allows you to speak directly to your potential and existing clients and customers. Here are a few ideas to use your blog to grow your biz: Post articles that showcase your expertise to position you as […]

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