5 Simple Steps To Overcome Program Launch Procrastination

When it comes to launching programs, I always “build the plane as I fly” – and tell me clients to do the same. It doesn’t mean going into the creation and launching process blindly, in fact, it is the best way to figure out what your target market wants and avoid wasting precious time, effort […]

One Simple Strategy to Increase Your Information Products Revenue

One word: BUNDLES. Let’s do the math – let’s say you want to sell $200 of information products every day (that means $6,000 a month, $72,000 a year, pretty good huh?): You will need 11 people to buy one $19 product from you; or You need only one person to buy a $189 bundle and […]

3 Ways to Avoid Product/Program Launch Bomb

There are many aspects to launching a product or program successfully (and that’s why there are 6-week programs just focusing on this topic!) – here are 3 things that you can pay attention to in order to increase your chances of having a successful launch: Meet Them Where They Are – ok, you have done your […]

The Fastest Path to Launching an Info Product or Program

I have been taking a course on creating and launching products and programs – something I find to be very valuable to my business because I can leverage my time and my income is no longer tied to my ability to be present “real-time”, in-person. One important thing that I learned from my coach Steph […]

7 Essential Elements For a Successful Promo/Sales Page

Claim/Title: A title that makes a bold “claim” promising great results which provide solution(s) to your target market’s biggest problems or desires. It needs to catch your readers’ attention right away – this is the 3 seconds when they decide if they want to read on. “YES” questions: 5 bullet points, in question form, about […]

5 Must-Have Elements For a Successful Preview Call

Preview call is a teleseminar or webinar you can use to launch a program or product, introducing it to your potential clients and allow them a chance to get to know you and your materials better. It is a great way to build and enhance the “Know, Like and Trust” factor, and whet your audience’s […]

Make More Cash, Now – 5 Ways to Leverage What You Have to Create New Products and Services

If you have been coaching people for a while, given a talk or two, or written some blog posts or articles, chances are, you are sitting on a wealth of materials that you can repackage and sell without having to reinvent the wheel. A few ideas that involves very little work, to get you thinking: […]

The Missing Ingredient That Makes The Magic Money Tracking Sheet Work Like Gang Buster

Last year I took the “10 Clients in 30 Days” program with Carey and Stacey. One of the tools that I got introduced to was called the “Magic Money Tracking Sheet”. The idea behind it pretty much sums up as “where the attention goes, the energy flows” – by recording all the money that is […]

Increase Perceived Value of Your Information Product – so that you can charge more!

After you created an information product, you want to make it a very juicy deal to entice people to buy from you. Here are a few ways to increase the perceived value of the product, so that you can charge more very little additional work: Bundle – create bundle or package with a few of […]

Address Objections In Your Marketing Copy to Increase Sales

Here are 7 common objections that your prospects may throw at you when you are about to close the deal. Be prepared, and better yet, address them on your marketing materials/copy to reduce your struggle. You don’t really understand my problem – make the feel like you understand exactly what it’s like to be them. Tell a […]

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