How to Create Your Very Own “Sales Ice-Cream Cone” (aka “sales funnel” with a twist)

Creating a “sales funnel” can sound dry, boring or too business-y for some. Imagine how surprised I was when I did the “sales pyramid” exercise with folks during the complimentary My Biz My Way Breakthrough Session and they got totally psyched, stoked, inspired and excited about how they can grow their businesses doing what they […]

How To Create “Fast Cash Injection” With VIP Day

“What is a VIP day?” VIP Day is a one-day coaching offering targeted to address a specific problem/challenge for your client. It can be delivered in-person or virtually over the phone or via Skype. It typically consist of a series of working sessions during which you, as the coach, would break down the solution into […]

8 Advance Persuasive Elements For Killer Sales Page

We have heard enough from sales page gurus on bringing up your prospects’ pain and twist the knife when writing sales copy. Nothing wrong with that (I teach that to me clients too), “fear” can be a powerful motivator. However, “fear” can only take you so far in terms of effectively persuading your readers – and you […]

Not Getting “Yes!”? 5 Tips To Troubleshoot Your Sales Message

You offer great programs. You are super confident that your clients will get great results that will change their lives forever. You have kick-butt sales page, you do awesome presentations. You manage to paint a vivid picture of what people will get when they work with you. You dig into the challenges of your niche […]

Behind the Scene – My Product Launch Plan

“Product Launch Plan” – that’s the fancy way of saying it! In February, I designed, created (as in, write and compile all the materials), marketed and launched the ROCK YOUR DETOX Program Launch System, with a brand new affiliate program to boot, all within a 2-week period. No, I did not work day and night […]

Boost Sales with Glowing Testimonials (7 Questions You Can Use)

Social proof, such as testimonials and case studies, are powerful tools that will help you sell your products and programs. They will also boost your expert status. Always include relevant testimonials on a sales page. If you are launching a new product or program, you don’t need testimonials that reference directly to that particular product. You […]

Sales Page Secret: How to Sell the “Features” of Your Program (My Geek Revelation)

I often do this geeky thing, without me even realizing, when I open packages of things that I buy – even for baby bottle and toddler toothbrush – I read the “features” on the packaging. In fact, as a kid growing up in Hong Kong with Chinese as my everyday language, I learn a lot […]

7 Goals for a Successful Preview/Launch Call

Launching your program or product with a preview call or webinar is a great idea because it will help you grow a list of targeted prospects, generate buzz, create anticipation and position you as an expert. It will also give people a taste of who you are and what you are offering, making the purchasing […]

9 Components of a Successful Program/Product Launch

A blockbuster program/product launch is no accident and is not an “overnight” success. There are many things that go into a launch, some may require a few months of preparation, to ensure an amazing outcome. Here are the 9 components that you can find in most successful program or product launches: The big idea – […]

Use Content To Grow Your Health Coaching Practice – Part 6 – Grow Your List While Making Money

A low price point information product can be a great way to attract potential clients, grow a quality list while generating some income. Here are a few ideas to do so: Grow quality list with low price-point product – you can create an entry-level information product and price it very affordably to attract new clients […]

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