4 Sales Page Secrets You Probably Don’t Know

I am a geek. I love reading sales pages. Yep, I read them for some good-clean-geek-fun then reread and dissect them for program structure strategies, sales tactics and underlying persuasion principles. My biz coach likes to hit me up to help her with some sales page refining once in a while because unlike other people, […]

How To Set Up and Price Your Email Coaching Program

Many health an wellness coaches/practitioners have implemented slideberry’s DONE-FOR-YOU 21 Days of Wellness Email Coaching Program with great results. It’s one of our all-time-favs and I field many questions about pricing and implementation so I am sharing my 2 cents here on the different ways and factors affecting the pricing and set up of your email coaching […]

How To Increase Program Value Without Doing Extra Work

Do you want to raise your fees without adding more 1:1 or group coaching hours to your programs? Do you want to raise your fees without even having to add bonuses, giveaways and anything else that will require more work from you? Do you want to raise your fees right now, without having to wait […]

How To Maximize Your Content Marketing Effort Without Having To Write All Day

You probably understand the power of content marketing – it helps you build relationship with your community (the “like know and trust” factor), boosts your expert status, increases your exposure and visibility, drives traffic to your website and is an integral part of a well-designed program or product launch.  However, the challenge many people face is […]

How To Set Up Your Online Group Coaching Program

Running an online group program is a great way to leverage your time, effort and expertise so you can reach more people and generate more income. (Download your FREE “Create a One Month Program That Keeps On Giving Start Kit – $69 value – here) Many coaches I work with are aware of these benefits, […]

Train Your List To Start Buying From You While Getting Paid :: How To Work the $7 Info Product Magic

{{ 12/1/13 update}} I just attended the Black Friday Bootcamp presented by internet marketing big wigs Ryan Deiss and Frank Kern. Ryan Deiss’ topic was on optimizing a complete sales funnel (the big thing – “you don’t have a traffic problem, you have an offer problem”) and he presented the idea of a “Tripwire” offer […]

One Sentence To Get You “Launching”

If you have been “thinking” about launching a program or product, but have been sitting on it for a while… are you telling yourself something like this: “I have to wait till ________ before I can put this out into the world.”? Are you being held back by the illusion that somehow, everything can be […]

Launching a New Year Program? Don’t Forget These 4 Strategies!

Fall is in the air – even here in always balmy SoCal, the shadow is getting longer and the morning air is getting crisper – the smell of which always reminds me of the New England foliage – a season I had experienced 14 times while living in the Northeast. While your clients are still […]

4 Pillars To CONFIDENTLY Get Paid What You Want

You KNOW you are awesome and bring exceptional transformation to your clients – worth every single penny and a lot more – yet you come up against a lot of resistance when it comes to raising your fees. In fact, you have been saying (and been told numerous times) you need to charge more… yet […]

4 Ways Group Programs Can Boost Your Income – and How To Do It Right

Group program, as a service offering, in and of itself is a great way to help more people, allow potential clients to enter your world at a lower price point to experience your awesomeness, and as a good offering to round out a robust sales funnel (or a sales “ice cream cone” as I like […]

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