How To Write a Blog Post In 20 Minutes (Or Less)

I just wrote a 600-word blog post (and submitted it to article directory) in 20 minutes. I generated 4 blog post ideas while sweating in the steam room yesterday. I bang out sales pages for fun. I don’t have any magic formula (except I type fast) – English is not even my mother tongue. I […]

Train Your List To Start Buying From You While Getting Paid :: How To Work the $7 Info Product Magic

{{ 12/1/13 update}} I just attended the Black Friday Bootcamp presented by internet marketing big wigs Ryan Deiss and Frank Kern. Ryan Deiss’ topic was on optimizing a complete sales funnel (the big thing – “you don’t have a traffic problem, you have an offer problem”) and he presented the idea of a “Tripwire” offer […]

I Just Paid $85 To Get Back Into My Apartment

I locked myself out today. It sucks. I had to pay a locksmith $85 to get back in. My 4-year-old was there this morning when I realized I didn’t have the key and let out a cry of “what did I just do??!” When I picked him up from school, he asked me about it […]

3 Ways To Increase Coaching Client Commitment Through Structuring Your Payment Options

I mentioned in my recent free training “4 Keys to Enrolling High-Paying Clients” that having a payment plan option is a great way to accommodate those who really want to work with you but don’t have a big chunk of cash sitting around. However, I have seen many coaches offering payment plan options in a […]

One Sentence To Get You “Launching”

If you have been “thinking” about launching a program or product, but have been sitting on it for a while… are you telling yourself something like this: “I have to wait till ________ before I can put this out into the world.”? Are you being held back by the illusion that somehow, everything can be […]

Launching a New Year Program? Don’t Forget These 4 Strategies!

Fall is in the air – even here in always balmy SoCal, the shadow is getting longer and the morning air is getting crisper – the smell of which always reminds me of the New England foliage – a season I had experienced 14 times while living in the Northeast. While your clients are still […]

4 Pillars To CONFIDENTLY Get Paid What You Want

You KNOW you are awesome and bring exceptional transformation to your clients – worth every single penny and a lot more – yet you come up against a lot of resistance when it comes to raising your fees. In fact, you have been saying (and been told numerous times) you need to charge more… yet […]

How To Solve Your Business “Foot Pain”

When I was visiting London with my husband a couple of weeks ago, we walked all over the city for 6 hours. It was a rainy day, so I wore my crocs ballet flats which did not give me much support in the feet. I must have put too much impact on my left foot, […]

How To Get a Never-Ending Flow Of Clients – Year After Year

Here is a simple formula for getting more clients (particularly high-end private coaching clients): More Discovery Sessions/Enrollment Conversations = More Clients A great way to grow your list and invite potential clients to enter an enrollment conversation with you is through some kind of presentation during which you share valuable content – e.g. in-person workshop, […]

4 Fundamentals To Enrolling High-Paying Clients Like Gangbuster

This comes from someone (yours truly) who loves online marketing, is pretty darn good at that website business and has built a thriving biz entirely on the interwebs… To enroll a boatload of high-paying clients, you don’t necessary need a killer website with all the bells and whistles, and you don’t have to be a social […]

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