How To Follow Up (and Get the Client!) After a Discovery Session

Many coaches are great at connecting with potential clients. They do very well in the part of the discovery session/enrollment conversation where they find out what the clients’ challenges are and how they can help them. It becomes trickier when “money talk” hits – not only talking “money” makes them nervous, it also throws them off so much […]

How To Structure Your “Maintenance Coaching Program”

If you are selling your services as coaching packages, instead of per-month or per-session – CONGRATS!! Then, you would also run into this question – what to do after a client “graduates” from my 3-, 4- or 6-month program? The client is happy with the results, and wants to have you around so she can […]

End Overwhelm :: Fastest Path To Cash With JUST {3+1} Things (They Are Much Simpler Than You Think!)

If you are starting your coaching business and feel overwhelmed to the point of analysis-paralysis – I get it – been there, done that. No fault of yours. With all the information overload, programs and trainings out there, it is easy to get confused and feel drowned. Too many “should’s” – whether it’s a training on website, […]

{{ Expert Hangout }} Irresistible Website Essentials With Jess Webb

June Gloom is hitting the always sunny Santa Monica. But it doesn’t mean you need to feel sad about your website! I just had an awesome interview with my biz girlfriend Jess Webb, who is the Web-Marketing Goddess Extraordinaire. Watch this video to see us geek out on: What the biggest mistake entrepreneurs are making […]

Please Don’t Be a Robo-Coach

I have created a lot of Done-For-You content for health and wellness coaches/practitioners. During my maniac product-creation phrase, I have come across the idea of a done-for-you signature system many times but for some reason unknown to me back then, I could not do it. My creation process is very intuitive and if I drag my feet on a […]

Increase Your Exposure, Up Your Visibility and Boost Your Expert Status By Contributing To Publications

On a super hot lazy Friday afternoon, I had the opportunity to speak with Jennifer Meador, CHHC, AADP, about her digital publication the Health Coach Home. Besides sharing some great tips on contributing content to a digital publication, Jennifer also offered slideberry peeps an opportunity to contribute to her magazine (at no cost to you!) […]

When To Toss That Signature System Out the Window

I am a huge fan of signature system – all my coaching clients benefit tremendously through the process of putting theirs together. It helps them clarify their niche, claim their expertise, and increase their confidence as a coach. It also helps them boost their expert status and confidently raise their fees. But yesterday, during a […]

What You Need To Know When Hiring Your “Web Guy”

I know many coaches and practitioners who had bad experience when they work with some “web guy” to develop their websites. Most of the frustrations evolve around taking much longer than initially estimated, being charged way more than the initial quote, certain functionalities not working as expected (and not being fixed without further charges), or the developer holding […]

Get the F*** Outta Here

We all have fears. It’s part of being human. But we don’t have to be controlled by our fears. We can be aware of them, acknowledge them, and release them. It’s not a one-time magic pill kind of thing. Releasing and taming your fears takes willingness, awareness, and stick-to-it-ness. Our deeply rooted fears don’t even […]

Are You Pedaling Too Hard In Your Business?

Last Thursday, I took a impromptu trip up to Monetary Bay area to take part in the Sea Otter (cycling) festivities. <Side note: it’s really nice to have a business structured in a way so I can do this kind of trips, and be able to pay for it!> 2 days and 80 miles later, […]

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