Sample Email for Approaching OB/GYN

Here is an email I used to approach OB/GYN, and can be easily adapted for use in approaching other healthcare professionals. Check out Slideberry’s presentations on Prenatal and Postpartum Wellness. Sample Email/Letter: I am Holistic Nutrition and Wellness coach in [your location], specializing in preconception health, prenatal and postpartum wellness, as well as women’s health. […]

Pitching Detox 101 Workshop to Whole Foods

This is the proposal that I sent to Whole Foods (Venice, CA) – I eventually got a meeting with the marketing department and am right now in the process of setting up a time for the workshop. The best way to make the first contact is to call and ask to speak to the person […]

Gift or Sell?

How do you decide which level of product or service to offer when you’re speaking from the stage or teleseminar? In other words, when should you offer a free gift OR an entry-level item, such as a $197 product, OR that high-ticket item worth $3,000, $5,000, or $10,000? When to Give, Give, Give. When you […]

15 Online Hot Spots to Drive Traffic to Your Website

1.    Ads in your email newsletter 2.    Ads in other people’s email newsletters 3.    Emails you send to your list 4.    Emails other people send to their lists 5.    The signature message on your individual emails 6.    Your Facebook profile and posts 7.    Your Twitter page and tweets 8.    Your Linked-In profile 9.    Links on […]

Build Referral Relationships with Content

So you have talked to a wellness practitioner, and she is interested in becoming a referral partner. Now you want to make sure that she has you in mind. Sharing something of value is a great way to do it. Send out an article regularly (every month) in PDF format, so she can print or […]

Building Your List with Live Presentations

Of course you have a newsletter sign up sheet with you when you do a live presentation. But you want to make sure people sign up – so offer them something. Mention that you have a top 10 tips article in PDF format on the topic that you just presented (maybe you don’t include the […]

Adding “Done For You” Service to Your Offering

Slideberry, of course, base our offerings on “done for you” presentations. But you can apply the same idea to other parts of your practice. Here is some ideas I glean from Linda Claire Puig, adding my own take on how the methods can be applied to holistic wellness practitioners: And when you add “done for you” […]

Get The Most Out Of Your Speaking Gig

Came across an article with some good tips on getting the most out of a your talk: 1. Partner. Partner with an Organization that Has a List. If you are just starting or have a list that is less than 1000 or not very responsive. Do your workshops with an organization that already has a […]

Giving Away Too Many Free Sessions?

We have been told to give free initial sessions when we give talks etc. to connect to prospects. Well, all good, except when you have 20 people sign up and after they get the freebie none of them become a client! Then it becomes an energy drain without any rewards! One way to make sure […]

New Presentations

Here are the latest addition to the Slideberry collection: Postpartum Wellness Workshop (single lecture) Weigh Less Live More (single lecture) 7 Ways to Reduce Craving (plug-in module) Top 10 Reasons to Exercise (plug-in module) 10 Tips to Weight Less Live More (plug-in module)

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